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Sandi Patty

She’s won 39 Dove Awards, five Grammy Awards, four Billboard Music Awards and became a Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee in 2004. Her albums have sold more than 11 million units, garnering her three platinum and five gold recordings. As the most-awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music history, her voice is still the gold standard by which all who follow are measured.

It’s a new season for Sandi Patty — a season of gratitude and grace that finds her finally being more accepting of herself. And as someone who’s been on the journey a little longer, Patty is happy to share what she’s learned and is sharing her testimony with Women of Faith audiences across the country, the largest women’s conference of any kind in the world.

“The more we are willing to share our journey and our story, it will help those who come after us,” she insists. “We all need to be real with each other and stop pretending that we are all perfect and have it all together and there’s no growing left to do,” she insists. “I’m encouraged by all the stories I’ve heard, but what I remember are the things they’ve gotten wrong and let God walk them through. I can’t relate to someone who has it all together, but I can relate to someone who is living a victorious life.”

So can we. That’s why Patty’s honest message continues to strike a chord in all who hear it.