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Family Force 5

After a lifetime of making music, FAMILY FORCE 5 have unmistakably come into their own. They’ve forged together their disparate musical influences, their reckless attitude, and heartfelt authenticity into III. Now, with hardships behind them and the open road ahead, the band is on a mission to keep their fire spreading and their family growing.

“FAMILY FORCE 5 is a real, authentic community that transcends the music,” Derek says. “We make music that we love, and we hope other people love it too, whether it makes them break-dance, two-step, or simply smile.”

III takes FAMILY FORCE 5 back to their rock roots, and those early days when the Olds brothers would perform in a backyard shed at their parents’ Marietta, Georgia home. Music wasn’t a choice for these brothers; it was in their blood. “We were destined for music,” Solomon says. “We knew we had to do it.” Their father Jerome Olds was a well-regarded singer and their mother was a music teacher. While they were just adolescents, they founded a band, honing their musical chops on stages across the country, until the spirit of rock compelled them to pick up guitars in the 2000’s.

Welcome to the Family.