Welcome Family Force 5 Oct 19th, 2011


We just launched a brand new site for Family Force 5!

The Family Force 5 band is made up of “brothers- Jacob, Josh, and Solomon Olds, and brothers-from-other-mothers, Nathan Currin and Derek Mount. Since 2005, the genre-obliterating Atlanta quintet has been setting audiences’ feet alight with their incendiary dance-rock anthems, turning that dance floor into hot coals, refusing to let fans keep their kicks still. Their first album came out in 2006, Business Up Front, followed by their 2nd album in 2008 Dance or Die. Now after three years of touring the universe and electrifying crowds at big festivals like Sonisphere and the Vans Warped Tour, the band is back with their new release, III. ‘We wanted this to be our Thriller album.’ (Read More)

Go, and check out their new website, and their new album III.

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