Welcome Gungor Sep 26th, 2011


Gungor has a brand new website- gungormusic.com to go with their new album, “Ghosts Upon the Earth.”

Gungor consists of Michael Gungor, his wife Lisa, and a large group of talented musicians. They are “a group that believes listeners are intelligent enough to appreciate lyrical metaphor and allegory along with intricate time signatures and somewhat uncommonly paired instruments in pop or rock music. Ghosts Upon the Earth paints a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that emotionally conveys both the intricacy and wonder of the universe that we live in as well as the tension and dissonance that we all experience. From sweeping string lines and soaring, falsetto vocal melodies to distorted flute riffs and five part dissonant harmonies, this album explores quite a wide emotional and musical gamut.”

Go and check out their new website, as well as their new album!

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