“The Boy, The Kite, and The Wind,” Reaches 500 sold! Sep 8th, 2011


Al Andrews, the author of “The Boy the Kite and the Wind,” has already sold 500 books, and it’s not even out yet! This is not a normal book, with a normal purpose, this book has a mission.

When “The Boy, the Kite, and the Wind” becomes profitable, 100% of the net profits will go to support a number of pre-selected projects around the world that help men, women and children to “take flight.”

They include education and food programs, medical care, development projects, mentoring programs, AIDS education and prevention, orphan care, clean water projects, and more.

As the projects are funded, they’ll be listed here so that you can see what you’ve been a part of with the purchase of the book. This, however, is only a beginning. Perhaps you can add on to what we’ve already started!

To learn more about the story behind this philanthropy, go to: improbablephilanthropy.com

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