Gungor- Ghosts Upon The Earth- Today Sep 20th, 2011


Gungor’s new album, “Ghosts Upon the Earth,” is released today. This album, is beautiful and artistic, and highly recommended by us.

Michael Gungor says about it-

“This album is a bit of a risk for us. With the attention that our last album, “Beautiful Things” brought to what we are doing, there was a temptation to take the safe route on this album and try to make a “Beautiful Things-2”. We knew people liked it, and the easy plan would be to try to do it again.

That’s not what we did…. My hope is that this music will find its audience, because I think there are people out there who will connect with it in a meaningful way. I know it does that for me.” (Read More)

Pick up this album today, and look for a new coming soon!

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