Introducing SkörStream Apr 25th, 2011


The other day we launched a brand new MercyMe site which includes our brand new SkörStream box.  Clever name right?  First, let me say that Jordan is an absolute wizard when it comes to making things happen on the web.  His attention to detail and skill level is unmatched.  If you’re not impressed by him, you’re not paying attention.

See, with all the new social media outlets out there, it can become time consuming and annoying to go to every page and check what your favorite band has to say.  With the new SkörStream, everything is organized in a neat little package that sits on the artists website.  Each tab opens a new section of the web where fans can interact on their preferred platform.  With the iTunes tab fans can preview every album the artist has and can purchase music right there.

**Dang, that sounded a little like an infomercial**

With MercyMe we also added a Q&A tab at the bottom where fans can ask questions and those questions can be voted on, with the most “popular” questions rising to the top.  The band can then login and answer questions individually.

We’ve already got some ideas for what’s next for the SkörStream, but right now we are really excited about it and hope fans of MercyMe enjoy using it.  For now, my prediction is that this is the way the web is going and we’re thrilled to be ahead of the pack.

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