Please Welcome John Waller Feb 8th, 2011


We got a call form John Walller about a month or two ago and he said he needed a site.  He also want to challenge folks to sign a declaration that simply states, that with their household they will serve God.  Seems simple enough right?  What was so cool about the way John presented this was not just the idea but how adamant he was about not making it a “marketing” thing.  He simply wanted to challenge people to be, well, better people.

We’ve had a chance to listen to John’s upcoming record “As For Me And My House” and it’s just that.  A powerful challenge to be a better person.  A better husband, a better father and what that looks like.

So anyway, we’re honored to be a part of John’s new record and welcome him to the SkörInc family.  Check out the brand new and let us know what you think.  Click around, watch the video, welcome him to the family and then check back often.

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