Al Andrews – The Improbable Philanthropist Feb 16th, 2011


A few months back we were contacted by a man very respected in the Nashville/Music scene with a big dream.  We sat down and he took the time to go through his dream and what it was going to take to accomplish his dream.  Immediately we were in.  How could you pass up something driven by someone so passionate?  So what’s the dream?

Al Andrews dream is to become a philanthropist while the rest of us watch him do it.  Not only does he want to become a philanthropist, giving away tons of money, but he dreams of becoming a philanthropist by selling millions of copies of his brand new children’s book The Boy, The Kite & The Wind.  Then he can take that money and give it away.

We’ve been lucky enough to not only work with Al on his book website, but also the website documenting his process of becoming the philanthropist he will soon become called Improbable Philanthropy.

At SkörInc we love things like this.  We love someone thinking outside the realm of possibility and starting the challenge right in the face.  We’re honored to be a part of this and can’t wait to see where this goes.

Check out Al’s new sites and let us know what you think:  Improbable Philanthropy | The Boy, The Kite & The Wind

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