Facebook Twitter List For Pages Jan 3rd, 2011


Bands, we’ve got a surprise for you.  If you’ve got more than one member of your band on Twitter, but you have your Twitter updating your Facebook Band Page, you’ve probably run into the issue of deciding which Twitter is going to update Facebook.  Although, it’s also entirely possible that you’ve never paid any attention.

We’ll either way, we’ve got a little solution for you that we developed that we call TWITTER LIST FOR PAGES. What’s it do?  Well quite simply, it allows you to assign several different Twitter accounts to update a single Facebook Page (Formerly called Fan Pages).

Now if there are five members in your band all on Twitter the five of you can all update Twitter with your Tweets.  Not only can you update your Facebook, but it will let your Facebook-ers know who is saying what and also link to the individual members Twitter.

But wait.  There’s more!

Don’t want all your individual Tweets going to Facebook?  With TWITTER LIST FOR PAGES you can decide if you want RT’s to go, @Messages, or even assign your own Hashtag (#) to be the only ones that update Facebook.  We know.  It’s almost like nerd heaven.

Seriously though.  We’re really excited about this and we’ve already seen great things since we’ve implemented it in some of our artists Facebook pages. Check it out and spread the word. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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