SkörInc Twenty Artist Giveaway Oct 13th, 2010


We love our artists and we think you should too so we’ve decided to come up with the SkörInc Twenty Artist Giveaway.  The title might not be the most creative, but here’s the idea.  We want to give away twenty of our artists newest CD.  That means one lucky winner is going to get a big fat box of new music in the mail just for playing along.

“But Skör, what happens if I have one of those records already?”  No worries.  Just pass that one on to someone who doesn’t.

See, we don’t see ourselves as just a “web company”.  We love our artists and we want you pass that love on to you.  Sure you might have some of these records already, but that just allows you to pass the love on even further.  These are some of the most talented artists in the industry and we think that you should get a chance to hear all of their records.

Here’s how it’s going to work.  Starting today leave a comment below telling us who’s your favorite three artists pictured above and why.  Has a song meant something to you?  Did you meet them at a show?  Do you love their blog?  Any reason you feel connected to those three artists.  Then on November 15th we will randomly select a winner and send you all twenty CD’s in the mail.  It’s a one month contest so make sure you tell your friends and check back.  The more people that comment the more fun it will be.

How’s that sound?  Ready?  Go.

178 Responses to “SkörInc Twenty Artist Giveaway”

  1. Karly Schultz says:

    My 3 faves are:
    MercyMe–meet them at a gas station in the town that I went to college in. they gave my best friend and I free tickets to their show!
    Addison Road–Sold merchandise for them and have probably been to 5 of their shows. AND I heart Jenny’s blog.
    Building 429–Meet them after a concert that I was selling merchandise at for a band they were touring with.

  2. Emily says:

    Mercy Me, Building 429 and Addison Road.

    My best friend and I met Mercy Me at a gas station in my college town. They gave us free tickets to their show in Kansas City that upcoming weekend. All of them were cool guys.

    About two years later I met Building 429 and Addison Road while they were on tour together. B429 guys are all great and Jenny and the guys from ARoad are 5 of my favorite people ever.

    Jenny from ARoad is definitely my favorite Texan and I am so blessed to have her as a friend.

    I also love that Mercy Me and ARoad are connected and that I have had the privilege of meeting them both. If I could only listen to one cd for the rest of my life it would be Stories by Addison Road. Such an amazing cd with lyrics that make me cry, smile and sing along at the top of my lungs.

  3. Deborah Kuhnhausen says:

    Addison Road’s “Fight Another Day” encourages me each time I hear it. No matter how my day has been.

    FFH’s “Undone” is one of my favorite songs on the radio right now. I didn’t realize who sang the song until tonight when I was looking over your contest.

    Mercy Me “The Generous Mr Lovewell” just makes me smile. The artwork on the cover is incredible. And every time I see it or hear music from it, I think of my friend Debi who had an invite for the cd release concert in Orlando and would have missed it had I not been checking her email for her while we were on a trip. I ended up with the pass/cd download for the event. :o)

  4. Dean Metzger says:

    All of these Artist have touched my life in one way or another during my walk with Christ. I’ve met Mercy me at a concert her in AZ. Addison Road performed at my church (mission Community and I was lucky enough to hang out with Jenny and the guys back stage.

  5. Sarah says:

    The Afters, Addison Road and MecyMe are definatly the three on my list! :)

    The Afters –I had the privledge to see them concert this past Summer twice and I was totally blown away by their passion for God and their heart of woship. ‘Light Up The Sky’ is such a powerful and it paints a beautiful picture of God’s love for us.

    Addison Road– I first saw AR back in 2009 when Jenny was 9 months pregnant, and they were STILL rocking it out! It was such a fun night, and I’ve been a big fan of thier music ever since.

    MercyMe– I will never forget working their merchandice table at Rock And Worship Roadshow this past year… selling tons and tons of ‘Mr. Lovewell’ preorder cards, ha-ha! Such a great group of guys living out their calling. :)

  6. Diana Floress says:

    Natalie Grant – definitely! Met her at Joyce Meyers Love Life Conference in September.
    Salvador – I just love their music!
    Todd Agnew – I have been a fan of his for years! Awesome guy!!!

  7. Karen Yaworski says:

    Mercy Me, need I say more?! Several of their songs have helped me in my walk and in bad times.
    I really like Phil Wickham’s True Love and listened to it when I needed to hear how much God loves us. Can’t wait to hear the new album!
    And FFH’s Undone is fantastic! Great song and sound!
    All these artists are an inspiration livign out their faith and singing songs to help the rest of us through our trials and joys. God is Great!

  8. Jacob says:

    Addison Road: their new song fight another day is amazing and inspiring. I found them awhile before that though, when I heard sticking with you and have loved them ever since. I read Jenny Simmons blog every once in awhile but I really like their podcast.

    The Afters: their song light up the sky really helped me through a hard time. It made me realize that no matter how big my problems are God is more than capable of handling them. After all he does light up the sky.

    Building 429: “I believe always” is a great song, it’s a real faith building song. I also heard recently that one of the band members mother has cancer so my prayers go out to them and I hope you’ll remember her and all involved in your prayers too.

  9. Clint Kalinec says:

    1) Phil Wickham – his voice is absolutely amazing! He has such and awesome heart for worship and plays with very much heart.
    2) Mercy Me – Bart Millard is absolutely hillarious, just check his twitter and see. Also, great lyrics and baseball fans.
    3) Addison Road – They are from East Texas and I am from East Texas, what better reason? They have really been growing on me lately. Very talented

  10. Carol L says:

    MercyMe, Bldg 429 and the Afters. Their music really speaks to my soul. Saw MercyMe when they did Winter Jam. Would love to see all of them in concert — hopefully soon!

  11. 1.) Brenton Brown – met him at a worship conference a few weeks back. It’s always great to discover that someone is the “real deal”. He was a true gentleman, with a sweet heart – very down to earth, and a fantastic worship leader.

    2.) Daniel Renstrom – honestly, I don’t know his music THAT well, but I’ve been considering buying some of his stuff for quite a while. There appears to be a hymn-like quality to his music: part theology, and part rock-song. I like that.

    3.) Addison Road – my wife & I saw these guys live about a year ago at a local church. Not a huge crowd, but they played their hearts out. What was really wild: she was pregnant, the band sounded less than perfect, and as I said – it wasn’t a huge crowd. We loved it, not because it was a perfect show, but because it was so genuine: there was so much heart and passion put into every note. My wife & Jenny talked afterward and it was a real encouragement for us, as “struggling” Christian musicians.

    Art is just one shadow of God’s residual image: the creator’s creation creating… that’s why I love music. It reflects God.

    bless you guys,


  12. Cassandra (LadyXan) says:

    MercyMe – I love that the band is willing to talk to people through Twitter and uploading videos. I have always liked the style of music, Bart’s voice with the other’s blend, and most of all the praise and worship that happens with the lyrics they write. My favorite song that really got me hooked is “Bring the Rain”. Seeing “Bring the Rain” this past tour live was the best!! Thanks MM… I am proud to be a SLOB =D I love all the albums I have heard by MM.

    Todd Agnew – I enjoyed the music from his “Grace Like Rain” album, so continued listening. I love the title song as well… it’s the one that got me hooked on Todd Agnew. His voice is just unique and very mild and soothing. I love to hear him sing and it was a surprise to hear him speak, too. Again, he is in the style of music that I enjoy.

    Natalie Grant – Her lyrics and enthusiasm for the Lord shows through her music. My youngest enjoys the style and loves to dance to her music.

    I love that most of these artists are shared on FreeCCM. I get to hear the ones I do not normally listen to by name and end up enjoying them and buying more albums. Thanks for this giveaway. Skor is a true blessing to the Christian community. =)

  13. Mercy Me- My husband bought me tickets to their show for our 10th wedding anniversary and He got saved at the concert. Bart’s message really touched his heart and when we left the concert he asked me to pray with him right on the streets of Akron. We both cried and felt the spirit. God really spoke to my husband through Bart. Ever since then he has been growing in his walk with the Lord. He listens to MM everyday. He says it keeps him strong. I am forever grateful to them. Forever grateful for making the love of my life the spiritual man he is today….with Gods help that is.

    Natalie Grant– She has an amazing voice. I had a miscarriage a few years and her song Held really got me through it. Every time I hear it I imagine Jesus holding my baby up in heaven. I plan on seeing and hold her myself someday because I believe in Christ there are no goodbyes. HEY, thats a MM SONG lyric too!

    Amy Grant–Well, where do I start? Ever since i got saved back in 1990 she has always been there. It’s like she is a BFF. I still listen to all the oldies of her. She is true worship! I admire her and the way she has overcome so much but still keeps her eyes and focus on the Lord. She is a true Hero!

    I love all these artist. They have all touched my heart and life in so many ways. Thank you Skorinc for helping them be all that they are through the love and presence of our Saviour and Lord. You are belssed.

  14. Christy Faith says:

    This is so hard to pick 3!

    1) FFH- curent fav song is “Undone” I’m going thru ALOT of health issues right now and this song just speaks to me.

    2) Addison Road- every song on the new CD is GREAT! My fav is “Change in the Making” I think they writer was channeling how I felt when they were writing that song :)

    3) Phil Wickham- He could sing me the alphabet and I would LOVE it! nuff said :)

  15. Shawna Bridgforth says:

    When I was 13, my mom found out she had breast cancer. She passed away when I was 15. Amy Grant’s music spoke to me so much during that awful time in my life. Back then, there weren’t many contemporary Christian artists to listen to. She certainly was unique way back then. Mercy Me is amazing. Their music is incredibly uplifting and has touched my heart numerous times. I thank God for their talent and dedication. I know that’s only 2 artists, but even though I recognize names, I can’t think of the songs they sing. :o) I just praise God that there are so many Christian CD’s to choose from out there.

  16. Jon Pinney says:

    Have not met them :(
    Salvador–Great sound and gotta love a band that uses a trumpet
    Addison Road–Wonderful music and lyrics
    Yancy–What amazing things she is doing to make changes in the lives of children

  17. Ashley Eagon says:

    My 3 picks are:
    Mercy Me- I have gone to every concert they have had in my area for 4 years! The lyrics are so powerful and moving. I live when Bart preaches a bit on stage. It’s so moving for me. I also follow Bart on Twitter because he is hilarious! His humor reminds me of my older brother.

    Phil Wickham- That man can praise God like no other! Also his songs are awesome! I don’t think I have heard one yet that I don’t like. His songs are so creative and different from each other.

    Todd Agnew- I love the soulful, jazzy quality to his music. I also live that his lyrics are in your face. There’s no mistaking what he’s singing about and the songs are just great.

  18. Lydizzle says:

    My favorites are

    Building 429- They are from a town close to mine, so I always thought it was cool that ‘local boys’ were living for Jesus! It gave me hope in knowing God hadn’t forgotten about our neck of the woods!

    Salvador- I love the latin flavor he adds to his music. Seeing as to how my dad is hispanic I always felt his music connected to my roots.

    The Afters- I have loved these guys every since I heard ‘beautiful love’ for the first time, which was when I was like 13! I love there new sound and new songs!

  19. Joel B. says:

    Phil Wickham- Saw him at Desperation last June and was an incredible time of worship and God’s presence

    Addison Road- Met them at Centrifuge in ’09 and it was the highlight of the camp, just cool to be able to see how God is using them in people’s lives.

    FFH-I grew listening to them as a kid and it’s great to see them coming back as a band, God has great things in store for em

  20. Dana Mills says:

    Natalie Grant: Just love her music and she lives he life for the Lord.
    Mercy Me: I can only Imagine really helped me when my mom passed away
    Addison Road: love their music

  21. My three favorite artists are Amy Grant, Natalie Grant, and Jaci Velasquez.. They are all AMAZING women with beautiful voices, incredible ministries, and sold-out hearts for Jesus!!!

  22. Cass Brannan says:

    My three: Yancy, Shane and Shane, and Mercy Me

    Yancy – As a preschool minister, I love and use her music weekly to lead our preschoolers in worship! She is gifted and talented and our kids LOVE her music! Favorite: Hosanna Rock

    Shane and Shane – If I am ever just going to sit and listen to some music, or have music playing while I work, it will almost always be Shane and Shane. I have LOVED their music from the beginning and my wife knows to just get me their newest when it comes out! Favorite: Prodigal Me

    Mercy Me – What a blessing to listen and worship with these guys! Truly a gifted and talented group that seeks to worship through every song. Favorite: (i don’t know the name, but downloaded it years ago….goes like this…I love you, and I will never leave you, or forsake you, cause I love you and I will never leave you, you are My child…) awesome, awesome song!!!

  23. John Dobbs says:

    Natalie Grant … “Held” has ministered to my heart so many times following the death of our son.

    Building429 … Have seen them live a few times and always felt their concerts had a deep spiritual element beyond the excellent music. “He Carried Me” …wow…especially the video with the testimonies at the end.

    Mercy Me … “I Can Only Imagine” might not ever be topped for the greatest Christian song of all time.

  24. Erin says:

    Natalie Grant- She is so real and such a good role model.

    The Afters- So talented and they also reach out to the mainstream radio.

    Phil Wickham- His songs are comforting to me.

  25. Brooke Spivey says:

    I’ve seen almost all of these artists several times but Natalie Grant, and MercyMe, and FFH are among my favorites. Its great to hear their message on the radio and hear inspirations from them on Twitter and Facebook daily. Their lyrics are always the words on our hearts that we can never quite say. Natalie Grant’s ‘Held’ was the song that helped pull our family of friends through the passing of a college friend a couple of years ago and I will never forget the power of their message. Thank you for being who you are, and heeding God’s call.

  26. tim says:

    Natalie Grant : She is freeing women from sex trafficking
    Todd Agnew : deep voice deep heart
    Building 421 : Lucky number

  27. Debbie Jeffers says:

    Mercy Me met them @ Kingdom Bound @ the FLN tent. They were so nice.
    Amy Grant Saw her with Casting Criowns 2 yrs ago during their Christmas tour. I love her music.
    Jaci Valasquez was @ Kingdom Bound a few yrs ago. I saw her @ the FLN tent. Didn’t get to her concert because of a rain storm just b4 her concert. We were soaked so we left b4r5 the concert.

  28. katie alley says:

    natalie grant – love her music and transparency. her love of people is contagious.
    addison road – great music. jenny’s blog is super hilarious. real good stuff.
    amy grant – timeless. i’ve been listening to her as long as i can remember.

  29. Lori Behrens says:

    Todd Agnew, Natalie Grant, Anthony Evans

    My Jesus (Todd Agnew) played a big part in my life when we were going through a difficult time with our church – which eventually led us to find the wonderful Bible-Believing Church we are part of now!
    Natalie Grant – so many songs! Women of Faith 2010 Dallas – enough said! Wonderful performance!!
    Anthony Evans – heard him at his sister’s (Priscilla Shirer) “Going Beyond” – LOVE, love, love that whole family!

  30. Janice Gunn says:

    I have not seen any of these artists, but many of them have blessed me with their annointing! God Bless them all and keep up the good work!

  31. Emily says:

    MercyMe – I’ve had the privilege of seeing these guys several times (most recently at an Astros/Reds game, which was awesome), but my favorite time was at a concert that had several high energy/jump around type bands before them. When MercyMe came on, they admitted that it was hard to follow because all they did was stand there and sing, but when the started singing, the place was just filled with worship. It was so moving. (and Bart’s tweets are hilarious).

    Natalie Grant – I follow her on Twitter, and I think it’s great to see a hard working mom of 2 (soon to be 3) be so commited to her family and her passion at the same time.

    Jaci Velasquez – She is one of my favorites simply because I remember loving her as a young teen. So many of her songs have made impacts on my life.

  32. Morgan says:

    I love Natalie Grant! I met her when she gave a concert on Easter to the little church I was going to years ago. My friends and I worked the merch table for her. She was so nice! I’ve since followed her on twitter and love hearing about her sweet little family!
    I love the Afters because one day a week or two ago, my husband said, “I love this song” it was by the Afters and I love that he’s listening to Christian music again. He wandered for a while, but I’m glad he’s thinking more about God now!
    I love Addison Road just because they rock! I love listening to their stuff. Don’t think I could pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with their stuff. It’s just cool. :)

  33. Tara says:

    My favorite 3 artists is..
    Addison Road – I love Jenny’s blog!!
    33 Miles – Their music is so honest and goes straight to the core and I just love their music! :)
    The Afters – It’s great that they make music that praises Jesus that you can also dance to or worship with.

  34. Kevin Davis says:

    First off, let me say that’s an awesone client list Brody, congratulations. Also, I LOVE this contest, especially as the responses help define the ministry and impact of the great messages behind their songs and also their connection to fans. I happen to write “behind the song” devotionals on and I have recently personally spoken to almost every artist on your list (and literally just listened tp that great new album by Yancy-I hope to speak with her soon). So, with that background, I’ll list my top 3 favorite “behind the song” devotionals that I’ve gotten to write with your artists this year.

    Addison Road: “Fight Another Day”-Only God’s providence could have allowed tobyMac to write a song called “Fight Another Day” with lyrics “will you walk away when the fire gets hot” for a band who, seven months after recording the song, would end up losing everything in a fire and had to live out the words of the song.
    Here’s the link:

    Natalie Grant: “Greatness of our God”-This is truly a great album and an uplifting worship experience. Natalie brings sincerity and relatable themes that get deeper with each listen. My favorite albums are the ones that continue to provide new revelations over time by savoring them. “Greatness of Our God” is a great way to pray along with Natalie and to remember that God will never leave or forsake you. There is nothing that can separate us from the love of Jesus.
    Here’s the link:

    Amy Grant: “Better Than A Hallelujah”-The compelling lyrics of this song have challenged me to reflect on each line of the song. I’ve been really moved by the first line of the chorus “We pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody”, which has stuck with me in my prayer time. I’ve been reading the Psalms and David brought all of himself in prayer and confession and in complete and utter brokenness to God. God declared that David was “a man after His own Heart.” God came for the broken, the lost, the sick.
    Here’s the link:

    Thanks for everything that you do and keep up the great work! Take care and God bless, Kevin

  35. Heather Leyva says:

    Natalie Grant – I saw here at Woman of Faith in Anaheim and she is the most AMAZING Singer…she had a standing ovation that lasted for 5 minutes…she is really a great inspiration to me and I follow her on twitter and she is a true Woman of Faith!
    Latinas rock as well…I love that they are all family and really you feel the holy spirit when they sing. I saw them live at my church and harvest crusade! Love them.
    Mercy me…I can only imagine…this song reminds me of my grandma…I can’t wait to see her again..I can only imagine that day :)

  36. Shane and Shane…ever since Psalms released, there is NO other artist that has connected with me, moved me spiritually, been used by God as much as they have in my life. and they are authentic and real and such neat guys. My youth group has become huge fans of them as well because I’ve used so much of their stuff over the years.

    Phil Wickham’s song “You’re Beautiful” has become one of my handful of favorite worship songs…it blew me away the first couple of times I heard it. We’ve used it a few times in youth group as well.

    Todd Agnew’s “My Jesus” hit me hard when I first heard it and continues to do so in a lot of ways today. Again, I’ve used it a bunch in our youth ministry to really challenge our students to rethink their lives and their perception of Christ and who He really is

  37. Will says:

    Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham are def my faves. Went to the Glory in the Highest tour this past Christmas and it was an awesome time of worship and fellowship. It was at a church in Boerne, TX so it was very cool to get to interact with Phil and the Shanes (and Bethany Dillon). These guys are great artists and worship leaders.

  38. Kayla says:

    My 3 faves are as followed..
    The Afters – They just have really great music!
    Natalie Grant – She has a big voice and an even bigger heart!
    33 Miles – Their songs are about real life and that’s good to see/hear.

  39. Eddie Lee says:

    I simply love the fact that convicted musicians are using their God-given talents to make an impact in the kingdom of God. Throughout the years, the music of Building 429, Phil Wickham, and MercyMe have encouraged and strengthened me through their music and lyrics. May we all aim to serve our King by using the talents entrusted unto us.

  40. Top 3 picks: Shane and Shane, Mercy Me, Todd Agnew. I’ve been to 2 Shane and Shane concerts and would go again in a heartbeat if there was one near by. i connect with them the most. i love the folkish/acoustic sounds. at one concert i had a really bad day, and the Pesall sisters opened. but when Shane and Shane came on and opened with Yearn, i felt the presence of God fall. i wanted to keep my eyes open to see them, but i could only keep them closed and bask in the presence of God. God touched me in a wonderful way that night. one that i needed so bad! the second time i saw them, it was with the DC*B. two of my fav. groups in one setting. perfect balance Shane and Shane (sweet) and the DC*B (salty).

  41. Andy Barlow says:

    Shane & Shane – Consistent master-quality musicianship from album to album + solid, profound lyrics + gaw-jus harmonies.

    Brenton Brown – Dude’s been writing great worship music for a long time now, and his “Adoration” album is a great example of great modern worship music.

    Daniel Renstrom – Probably the most unknown name on the list, but wow, what an incredible song-writing talent & gift for leading worship. His music gets regular playtime on my iPhone.

  42. Christianna says:

    1. Shane & Shane – I got the privilege of meeting them twice! All of their songs are amazing, but one particular one off the new album, “Everything is Different” that has really impacted me is the song, “This is who I am.” This song means so much to me because I heard it at a time in my life when I needed solidification in my identity in Christ. It became my theme song for the next few months. “I’ve been born again, the cross is my defense, my hope in Christ secure.” I mean, could the lyrics get any more awesome and that has become my statement when people ask me my views on “religion”. :)

    2. Phil Wickham – got to meet him too at a Shane & Shane concert! His music is raw worship. Worship is my passion, so it’s awesome to see artists that are serious about worship as well and he definitely conveys that through his music and concerts.

    3. Todd Agnew – I love his honesty that is portrayed through his lyrics. He sort of reminds me of a “modern day Keith Green” in the sense that he writes lyrics that speak to the church and how they need to improve and where are weaknesses may be as Christians. It’s not just happy, feel-good music, but it’s music that challenges you.

    This is an awesome giveaway. :)

  43. casey says:

    The Afters, MercyMe, and Natalie Grant… I love their lyrics! Very powerful & real.

  44. Matt Humphrey says:

    Phil Wickham – His music means so much to my heart and my walk with God. Captivating and touching. When I’m down, I always listen to Safe.
    Shane and Shane – Love everything about these guys. Their style, voices, and lyrics.
    The Katinas – Discovered them as a Teen at a youth conference. Love that they are still around inspiring people!

  45. BJ says:

    33 Miles, Phil Wickham, Yancy

    A couple of years back I was in a deep depression and 33 Miles music really helped me work through what was going on in my life. Their song Hold On constantly reminded me to reach out to God in my crisis.

    Phil Wickham music helps create worship in my life.

    Yancy is on the list because she is really rocking for kids. As a Children’s Ministry Director, I know that she really cares and focuses her music on kids.

  46. Ruth Tracy says:

    I would have to say out of those my three favorite are :

    Mercy Me- because of how much they surprised me. My husband is a pastor andlast year for pastor appreciation month, a couple in the congregation tool us to a mercy me concert and dinner. I hadn’t really listened to much of their stuff before and I knew that my mom loved them, so I really didn’t have high expectations to say the least. Well, they really blessed me. I loved their music but even more I loved their ministry. I have been a huge fan ever since.

    Natalie Grant

    • Ruth Tracy says:

      Sorry hit send on accident.
      Natalie Grant – because her words are so so powerful, they are just so inspiring, and she is just so great at what she does.

      Amy Grant- she literally was the first Christian artist I ever listened to. I can remember playing el shaddai and fathers eyes on the piano when I was a little girl. Her music touched me then and it still does today. That’s a pretty big accomplishment.

  47. MercyMe’s “So Long Self” encourages me to leave behind my old self. Building 429’s “The Space In Between Us” encourages me to draw closer to God. Salvador’s “As the Deer” encourages me to stay thirsty for God’s move. They remind me of who I am, who God is, and the direction I should be facing.

  48. MercyMe’s “So Long Self” encourages me to leave behind my old self. Building 429’s “The Space In Between Us” encourages me to draw closer to God. Salvador’s “As the Deer” encourages me to stay thirsty for God’s move. They remind me of who I am, who God is, and the direction I should be facing. :)

  49. Devan says:

    1. I adore Shane & Shane! I’ve followed them for years, but recently saw them at Church of the Highlands’ ReCreate conference. They were amazing! :)

    2. Phil Wickham is another fav. Love his stuff!

    3. I’ve also heard incredible things about Amy Grant’s new album. Cannot wait to hear more!

  50. Richard Bucknall says:

    33 Miles because I saw them in concert & thought they put on a great show.

    Building 429 because my special needs son and I have met them twice and they treat him like a typical child. That to me is great.

    Jaci Velasquez because I met her way back in 1998 and she took a little time to talk with me.

  51. Amy says:

    Amy Grant —I love the song “Better than a Hallelujah” It just is so simply honest.
    Natalie Grant—-love her upbeat songs, funny tweets and raw honesty
    33Miles—love the song “Jesus Calling” and everything they sing

  52. kelly says:

    amy grant – this is just a nostalgic favorite
    anthony evans – love his voice
    natalie grant – her song “i will not be moved” has been my theme song at various points in my life; and i can’t ever get through “better hands now” without crying!

  53. Wendy Burkhouse says:

    My favorite three are The Afters, Building 429, and FFH. I got to see The Afters and Building 429 at Busch Gardens this past summer. It was the first time I heard their music and I became an instant fan. The way they connected to the audience just made me love them more. The lead of The Afters even took a concert goers camera and took pictures of the band for the owner. The owner was so excited, it just showed on his face. What a nice thing to do. Building 429 just shared his heart. As for FFH, I love their blog. It just makes me feel so connected to them.

  54. Julie Willingham says:

    Shane and Shane, turn down the music and I want it all. Awesome songs ! Addison road, what do I know of holy challenges me everytime to not treat God as just another person, he’s God. And anything by mercy me I love seeing them in concert and following Bart on twitter!

  55. Sandra Bork says:

    Amy Grant was my first favourite singer… and her “House of Love” album was the first album I ever bought. I’ve always loved her music, and always will.

    The Afters have an incredible way of being super humerous (I’m talkin Myspace Girl here)…. but extremely real and meaningful at the same time.

    Natalie Grant – met her at a festival a couple of summers ago… and her daughters too! Now I follow her on twitter… and love that she’s real. She’s got tonnes going for her (talent, a fab hubby, beautiful girls, etc)… but she’s still REAL. And very encouraging and inspiring re: her and everyone else’s walk with God.

  56. Aaron Barton says:

    Shane & Shane, Todd Agnew, and MercyMe are my top three picks.

    I met both Shanes at a show they did at the University of Georgia 5 years ago. My sister introduced me to their music and I have been a fan ever since. Their most recent album, “Everything is Different” brought me through a transition time spiritually. Their songs are heartfelt and Scripturally-grounded.

    I started listening to Todd Agnew in high school. My favorite of his songs is “Grace Like Rain,” which I still play often. I listened to it several times during a half marathon I did last year and it kept me encouraged! His voice is unique as well.

    Finally, who wasn’t touched my MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine?” I’ve kept up with their music since that song came out, and have enjoyed watching them grow as a group.. continuing to honor God and lift high His name!

    Thanks for the contest – this is awesome!

  57. Lydia Wills says:

    Actually most of these artists and there music have spoken to me deeply in many difficult times. But my 3 favorites have got to be Natalie Grant, Shane and Shane, and Addison Road.

    Natalie Grant’s music has really gotten me through some rough spots in my teenage years, reminding me that everyone struggles and that we are all real people, I follow her on twitter and she is such a down to earth person and that just helps me remember that we are all imperfect people that God loves in spite of ourselves.

    Addison Road, has actually come to my college and performed and I got to see how amazingly quirky these people are, and I read Jenny’s amazing blog where she shares her heart and her inside stories!

    Last is Shane and Shane, who I actually found when Bethany Dillon married Shane Bernard. They have some of the most amazing worshipful music, with out sounding like too much “church music” their music has helped me deepen my walk and make worship an all the time thing.

  58. Heather C says:

    Natalie Grant – her song “Held” was precious to me when my best friend was losing her beloved FIL to a brain tumor.

    Building 429 – “Glory Defined” beautifully expresses my heart’s desire to live out the Lord’s calling on my life, and to bring honor and glory to Him.

    Jeff Johnson – A couple of years ago, “Ruin Me” was my anthem… I loved that song. Then the Lord did exactly that. My entire world came crashing down around me and He laid my heart bare… emptying me of pride and so much more. I still love the song. It has deeper meaning for me now.

  59. Michelle Pruett says:

    I love way more than three but I picked three of my favorite songs. Todd Agnew, Grace Like Rain, I have played this song at less a thousand times during times of trial and forgiveness. It’s like you can feel the grace falling on you as you listen. Building 429 “No One Else Knows” what can I say but wow.. How better to describe really how personal our relationship with God can be. The Afters “Never Going Back To OK”, motivates and reminds me where I was and don’t want to go back to. They have more great songs than just those but I don’t want to write a book.

  60. Matt Taylor says:

    Shane and Shane – I have listened to there music since high school and I am not 28 years old. Their last CD was amazing. Favorite song was “This is who I am”. I am acutally going to go see them live on Oct. 21 @ Mid-America Christian University. This will actually be my first time to see them live and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!
    Phil Wickham – favorite song is is “Beautiful” on Singalong. Just an amazing song and gives me chills when I hear it.
    MercyMe – Every album they have put out has been incredible. They are very talented.

  61. Nicole Van Dyke says:

    Natalie Grant- her testimony and music have touched in more ways than imaginable. I never grow tired of her music. It’s always so real and she doesn’t hold anything back from her audience.
    Addison Road- The first time I heard them their song “Hope Now” was playing on the radio. That song came along at just the right time in my life. Since then their music has continued to bless me and I always look forward to hearing their new music.
    Jaci Velasquez- I’ve been listening to Jaci’s music since I was around the age of ten and I received my first CD of her’s. The CD was Crystal Clear. Since then I’ve bought almost every album she puts out. Jaci is also one of those artists that is completely real with her audience and I love that because some of her songs touch on issues that a lot of artists wouldn’t think of talking about.

  62. Ryan Rotman says:

    MercyMe, Phil Wickham, and Shane & Shane.

    I’ve met all of them at past shows and really love their music and their hearts. They truly are worship leaders and love to see people worship using music, which is the gift God gave all of them. Truly a blessing to have their music and worship our Lord!

  63. Shellie (baylormum) says:

    This is so incredibly hard!!

    1. Amy Grant. She was the 1st Christian artist I remember falling in love with her voice & her words. She was in college. I was in college. I remember going to see her early in her career. We go waaay back.

    2. Mercy Me. What can I say? Bart is the Mayor of Awesometown and he & his merry band of band members take this joy wherever they go. They speak to all ages. And they ride cool scooters for fun! But, they are behind on CTGB’s!!

    3. Tie: Shane & Shane. The Afters. Building 429. The Katinas. All different, but they all have such an awesome way of getting the message out.

    That is all. :)

  64. Jerry says:

    Todd Agnew. Natalie Grant. Mercy Me.

    Todd Agnew is a wonderful song writer. His lyrics always seem to find me where I am, or meet me and help me see what is happening in my life. It is almost like he is writing for me. I love the music and the lyrics are what I usually need.
    Natalie Grant is a great musician, and has many wonderful songs that help me to focus on Jesus Christ. She is a great inspiration also to my 3 little girls.
    Mercy Me is a wonderful group of guys that truly show the love of God. Their music and live show are guides to us on our road as we walk the way.

  65. 1. MercyMe. I love MercyMe!!!! They have such great songs!!
    2. Natalie Grant. She is an awesome singer!! She is one of my role models!! I love her song Perfect People, it has such a great meaning!
    3. Phil Wickhem. I really like him!! His song Safe really spoke to me!! It’s a good reminder to me!!!

  66. Maria Maldonado says:

    wow this is hard, you have awesome artists here, anyways

    The Afters – awesome bunch of guys, met them a few times. The MySpace Girl Music video is one of my favorites. Their new album is amazing!

    Building 429 – another bunch of sweet guys, first time I met them was when they won a Dove for new artist of the year and were touring with Paul Colman trio, been following them ever since.

    Salvador – what can I say, they are awesome to watch perform with that unusual latin rock rythm, love their hearts.

  67. Angelina Kim says:

    Although all of these artists have blessed me with their God-given talent, the 3 that I feel most connected to are;

    1. Katinas- The song “Thank you” has really given me a grip when I feel like I’m down and out– it reminds me that I’m forgetting what’s really important, that where ever I am, I should be in worship.
    2. Jaci Velasquez- “On my Knees” — To realize that it is the Lord that changes me, and I’m always in his love.
    3. Shane and Shane- Their creativity in the way they play their instruments is refreshing and innovative. I also follow them on twitter and they’re hilarious!

  68. jeff bridell says:

    Shane & Shane – They played at Crown College (MN) when I was a student & I’ve seen them in concdrt many other times & ther are always real & just want to lead us into God’s presence rather than just perform as most Christian artists do at their concerts.
    -The Afters saw them @Winter Jam 2009
    -Phil Wickam I enjoy his cd’s

  69. Griffin Gulledge says:

    My favorite three artists listed above are Phil Wickham, Mercy Me, and Todd Agnew.

    Phil Wickham’s “Singalong”, in my opinion is the best live Christian album out- ever. It’s amazing. He is a crazy good worship leader, but also a guy with great interest: Phil supports Compassion International- which is a life changing organization that frees children from poverty in the name of Christ. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    MercyMe, on the other hand, represents so much of my Christian ideal from middle and high school. Their music was my jam daily, and what they did breaking into secular charts with “I Can Only Imagine” is astounding, and changed many of my friends lives. Plus, I saw and met them at WinterJam in Birmingham in 2008. There’s nothing worse than meeting Christian bands who think they’re rockstars. MercyMe is nothing like this at all. Genuine dudes.

    Last is Todd Agnew. Obviously ‘Grace Like Rain” is killer, but Todd is just an amazing worship leader in general. This past summer at a Student Life Camp, Todd’s mentor and great friend died on the first night. Instead of flying to his funeral, which everyone would have understood, he stayed to lead these kids in worship of Jesus Christ. When a worship leader denies themselves, and “let the dead bury their dead” so that they can lead the young to Christ, that’s powerful.

    I’d love to have these CD’s, hope you liked my stories!

  70. Erin says:

    1. Amy Grant – I’ve listened to Amy as long as I can remember…love her because of the memories I have growing up with Amy’s music.

    2. Addison Road – Love Jenny’s blog and the “real-ness” of their lyrics.

    3. Natalie Grant – She’s a powerhouse, love the variety of tunes…she’s so talented.

  71. Rina says:

    So hard to narrow it down to just three! In the end I’ve decided to go with Brenton Brown, Mercy Me & Todd Agnew.

    Brenton Brown’s worship songs are so amazing! They say exactly what I want to say. Adoration is my absolute favorite. Brings me to tears whenever we sing it :)
    Mercy Me’s music always makes me happy. Got hooked on them with I Could Only Imagine. Its still one of my faves – makes me cry to. The words paint a great picture. Bart’s Twitter feed is quirky & fun – often makes me laugh :)
    Todd Agnew made me a fan with Grace Like Rain. He has amazing skills! I can’t get enough of his Christmas album :)

  72. Denise says:

    Natalie Grant “Perfect People” – SO SO TRUE!!! & Todd Agnew “Grace Like Rain” – LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH! Thank you!

  73. Mary Thew says:

    1) Natalie Grant!!!! I love her music! It is so powerful and beautiful! I have loved her music since the first day I heard it! I have almost every Natalie Grant cd she has ever recorded! I especially love songs like “Held” and “In Better Hands Now”!! I finally got to meet her this summer at JFest and she was simply amazing!! I follow her on Facebook and Twitter because I love reading her posts and comments!

    2) Mercy Me! After “I Can Only Imagine” I was hooked!!! I cried the first time I heard it because it was so beautiful! I love their music, and following their crazy antics on twitter!!

    3) Jaci Velasquez! I have listened to Jaci for years!! I have always been a fan! I especially love “On My Knees”!! It is such a powerful song!!

    I would put more artists down but you only asked for three lol! God Bless!!!

  74. Nate says:

    My top 3 are:

    Shane & Shane- something about their music makes me want to worship God. “Turn Down The Music” and “Yearn” are two really well crafted songs that inspire passion for God.

    Phil Wickham- Anyone who sings in church knows how special this guys voice is. He has masterful control of his upper range. He writes great worship music for people who are burned-out on worship music.

    Brenton Brown- Everyone sing his songs in church (strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord), they just don’t know it. He’s written some great songs and anthems for the church.

  75. I honestly cannot pick three favorites other then to pick the ones I seem to listen to most. Those would be Natalie Grant, Mercy Me, and Addison Road. In the last 5 years God has used many of these artists to encourage me through my battle. From Natalie Grant’s In Better Hands Now that I listened to over and over before during and after brain surgery, all the way to Yancy because I saw my son singing along and fall in love with worship. Addison Road encouraged me because they shared their battles in ministry never giving up on what God had laid before them to do, and Mercy Me’s song Word of God Speak inspired me to begin praying for others during their fall tour in 2008 when I felt I could do so little. I now have a passion for intercessory prayer because of what started then. I must also mention Amy Grant, because my husband and his family listened to her music over and over when they would drive on furlough form Guatemala to the U.S., and when he worked with her just recently she proved to be the person she claims to be. To pick just 3 is impossible, because most importantly they all said yes when God asked them to go into a ministry that requires sacrifice and that is the most encouraging part of who they are.

  76. Serenity says:

    Natalie Grant – Held….Nothing more needs to be said.

    MercyMe – Just wow at each song I have heard from them…To have their music on my walk has been a Godsend.

    Phil Wickham – Safe…Tears me up each and every time I hear it.

  77. Rod Miller says:

    Shane & Shane, I love their music and their lyrics truly speak to me! I have been trying to see them in concert for 5+ but something has always come up and prevented me from getting to see them. I have all their music and love the way they usher people into the presence of God through music!

  78. Aril says:

    Shane and Shane, Addison Road and the Afters…

    I have seen Shane and Shane several times in concert and their songs continue to speak to me time after time.
    Recently…the song titled “Embracing Accusation”.
    They have such amazing lyrics and are so incredibly musically talented.

    I’ve saw Addison Road in concert and will get to again this month.
    Not only do their songs speak to me and encourage me but the story of their lives do as well. Hearing about their hardship and how they trusted in God through them shows that they are not just some awesome band but that they are real people with real problems and struggles and in the midst of it have still been real people who trust the Lord. I also covered one of their songs at a show i played. “What do i Know of Holy”-love it!

    The Afters – their song that is being played all over the place right now “Light up the Sky” – powerful.

  79. Craig S. says:

    Let’s see…Shane & Shane, Shane & Shane, and Shane & Shane…

    I’m kidding.

    But no, really, the Shanes have had such an enormous impact on my life in many different ways. The depth of truth from their lyrics (many of which are verbatim from Scripture) never ceases to resonate with me and when combined with their soaring harmonies equates to a musical level not many in the industry achieve today. I’ve met them several times (Shane B. has even borrowed my guitar for a show one time a couple years ago) and they are both some of the most incredibly down to earth, humble people I have ever met. Their sound has certainly matured over the years, but even looking back over ten years ago, these two are one of the premiere artists found anywhere today. The fact that they are not well-known across the country goes right along with their sense of humility and their desire to only portray Christ in their artistry and day-to-day lives. They are certainly a hidden jewel in the vast sea of CCM artists. A list of favorite songs would be endless, but we’ll have to narrow that down to “Vision of You”, “Embracing Accusations”, “Be Near”, and “Burn Us Up”.

    Phil Wickham is another artist who has simply blown me away by his suberb talent and song writing abilities. Meshing creativity with his purely original voice, Wickham’s creations are obviously birthed out of his love for the Word as he typically writes on themes like the Fall, Redemption, and our future Restoration with Christ—beautiful imagery! I’ve never met Phil, but imagine he’s a pretty neat guy (cool hair too). :)

    And who hasn’t been impacted by MercyMe? Their decade plus of dominance in the CCM industry is not without reason, as they write songs with simple yet deep truths that proclaim the glory of God. Bart Millard’s steady yet powerful voice continues to propel Christian music into the ranks of other music from around the world. They are always finding new innovative ways to sing about the greatness of God and do so with humble and contrite hearts. I have seen them live a couple times and was greatly impressed at how true to the studio recording they actually are. May God continue to bless these guys and their love for the Word and creativity!

    Oh, and Shane & Shane 😉

  80. Wesley Jew says:

    Mercy Me – Saw them at a concert earlier this year and I love their music because it always puts a smile on my face.

    Phil Wickham – Also saw him earlier this year. I love how his music tells of stories in the Bible and really reaches out to people.

    Shane & Shane – Saw them about a year ago with a friend for her 21st birthday. I absolutely love how they straight up take some Psalms and put a melody to it. I mean, they are songs and a lot of artists have taken parts of specific Psalms, but they have taken the whole Psalm and put their music to it.

  81. Addison Road “This Little Light”: I remember singing this song as a child. And when my wife and I had a child of our own “Gabriel” I got the home movie bug. When I found out I could put music in the background — there wasn’t even a doubt as to which song I would use, “This Little Light” by Addison Road. It came out perfect – almost as if I knew what I was doing. Even some of the events in the movie seemed “timed” to the music (pure coincidence on my part). If someone at Skör wants to see it they can contact me and I’ll give you the code for the Vimeo Link. (I work in Law Enforcement so I don’t post many video & photos on-line).

    Anthony Evans, “The Stand” – Played thins song for my mentor (who happens to be the worship pastor for our church) it was added to the lineup quickly. Such a great song. A song about who God is, who we are and what our response should be. I bought the album online then played “The Stand” all the way to work (a 20 minutes drive – so like 7 or mroe times).

    Shane & Shane, “Rain Down” My wife met Shane (?) at a college event and always says, “I’ve met Shane but not Shane.” One of the only groups I have ever seen her just go ga-ga over. It never gets old to hear her say, “I’ve met Shane but not Shane.”

    All great artists/groups. I would be hard pressed to pick “the best”. But since I’m still a new dad and my boy is SO cute. I’m sticking with “This Little Light”.

  82. Guadalupe Martinez says:

    the afters-light up the sky
    Ive been a big fan of the afters for 5 years now and they are amazing, so much power goes into there lyrics words cant explain how it makes me feel, usually when im upset i put on my headphones and imagine that i live in there music with no interruptions.
    Phil wickham – always forever i recently just discovered Phil and let me tell ya he has such a beautiful voice and his songs are great i would love his c.d i dont own one so it would be good to start that collection.
    jaci Velásquez- shes amazing i goggled her right now ‘lol” and listened to her music her voice is amazing such powerful voice coming from a Latina like myself :)
    i would be so pleased to have these c.d s i dont own any of these artist but since Ive been a Christian music fan for some time i know these will come in handy and it would be great to listen when im upset or just need some time alone :) thanks and god bless!

  83. 1. Shane and Shane- I love these guys. They are so genuine! We held a concert last year at our church that they performed in and I had the pleasure of serving them by selling their CDs. I have loved their music since the late 90s, early 2000s, and it keeps getting better!

    2. Natalie Grant- Her music speaks to me every song I hear. I cannot get enough of “Human” right now as it just makes me stop and think about what I am doing and how I am acting.

    3. Phil Wickham- We sing his songs alot at church and I just love the message in his songs as well.

    It was hard to pick just 3!!!!! They are all musically talented and speak Gods message through their music.

  84. Kalyn says:

    I have picked for my 3 favorite artists, Natalie Grant, Addison Road, and The Afters. I already own Natalie Grant’s Love Revolution and Addison Road’s Stories, but both are incredible cds. They move me so much! Natalie Grant’s song “The Power of the Cross” is enough to bring any one to tears, and I adore “This Little Light of Mine” on Stories. It’s a very clever twist to the children’s song. I love “light up the sky” by the Afters, which is why I chose them as my 3rd favorite! :)

  85. Justin says:

    My three favorite artists up there would be Natalie Grant, Building 429, and FFH.

    Natalie Grant-She’s an amazing singer, and I really like what she is doing with the Love Revolution tour and encouraging everyone to make a difference in the world.

    Building 429-Their song Always really moved me. It helped get through some tough times and remember that God is always caring about me.

    FFH-They have an great story together and really like the song Undone.

  86. Gabby says:

    My three favorite artists above are Phil Wickham, Natalie Grant, and Shane & Shane.

    Phil – My brother introduced me to Phil long before he was known in the Christian music circle. I love the topics he addresses in his songs and his beautiful voice.
    Natalie – I love her passion for the forgotten; her desire to help the less fortunate. What an example of the good that can be done when you have a platform like she does. Plus, that girl can sing.
    Shane & Shane – I’ve met them at a couple concerts of theirs and absolutely love their music. Probably my all time favorites when it comes to Christian music. Their “Psalms” CD has gotten me through some rough times in life – a great way to surround myself with Scripture.

  87. Dana Young says:

    Natalie Grant: Women of Faith Atlanta 2007
    Anthony Evans: Women’s Conference… can’t remember if it was WOF or another…
    Mercy Me: I chose their song, “I Can Only Imagine” for my son’s funeral in 2008.

  88. Bill J says:

    33 Miles, Natalie Grant, and Mercy Me

    33 Miles – just love their music.

    Natalie Grant – follow her on Twitter, love her heart and genuine love for Jesus and her family.

    Mercy Me – have been a fan ever since ‘I Can Only Imagine’.

  89. Kenzi Harrington says:

    Natalie Grant – “The Real Me” is the only song that got me through middle and high school, powerful powerful lyrics “You’re turning the tattered fabric of my life into a perfect tapestry”
    Shane and Shane – saw them live at a Student Life camp that was life-changing for me
    Todd Agnew – his vocals and so raw and his lyrics so emotional, his songs are phenomenal

  90. Marshall Miller says:

    Mercy Me: awesome music! Bart is hilarious on twitter
    Natalie Grant: best female artist in ccm hands down
    FFH: unique & refreshing

  91. Ruth says:

    Shane & Shane: their songs are simply Scripture! It’s amazing how God uses their music to help me remember His Word and truth =) I met them in Manlius, NY!

    Phil Wickham: saw him in Manlius, NY with Shane&Shane! It was encouraging to see how he has a heart for leading people in praise. His songs are very based on the Word and poetry with music!

    Brenton Brown: we sing his songs a lot when we gather as a group for fellowship/church. =) It’s amazing to see that they are musically rich, easy to follow/sing along, and simple enough to remember deep and profound truths of who God is.

  92. Jean Fulton says:

    33 Miles, The Katinas and Anthony Evans, Jr.

    33 Miles – they were performing at our church and watched how they were before, during and after their performance. They were real people who setup, had God time and met with the ‘fans’ after the performance.

    The Katinas – have followed their music for years. They present the Gospel while speaking to people’s hearts. They have a love for people and you felt their concern adn pain for their family during the earthquake.

    Anthony Evans, Jr. – Love his song, ‘I Choose Now.’

  93. Sherri Short says:

    Mercy Me: I have to stop and listen whenever their songs play. Love, Love, Love them!
    Phil Wickham and Shane and Shane: Performed a Christmas concert at my church, sold merchandise for them. Awesome show!

  94. Kezia P. says:

    Though I’ve never seen any of them in concert, I feel I have a sense of closeness to these artists.

    The Katinas – They are a sibling group, which I thought was awesome. For me, family has always been important. Going through the rough times in your life, it’s nice to know that you have a family to fall back on, to help build you up and to love you for who you are. There are just sometimes where you can’t go on just by yourself, and you need help. Also, the fact that my family is of Christian background, it gives you a nice feeling when they give you advice and tell you that they’ve been on that road too and that they understand what they’re going through. I find the Katinas amazing because of the fact that they worship God together, as a family. For me, that has always been one of the reasons I love my family, when we worship together, it seems so much powerful. I am blessed.

    Natalie Grant – I fell in love with her song “Held” I went through a rough time like all of us has experienced. But even through the suffering, the guilt, or the pain, God holds us in his hands. He will give us comfort as it is written in 2 Corinthians 1:3-7. Just to know that God is there, it gives me comfort. Her song, for me, perfectly matched what I was going through.

    Jaci Velasquez – “On My Knees” has been one of my favorite songs. During my rough experiences, I had always been stubborn. I didn’t feel the need to be “on my knees”. I kept telling myself – why should I? It wasn’t until I got hit hard – I was at my lowest. I didn’t know what to do. I had asked my pastor what I should do. Everything was going wrong. I felt guilt, I felt anger, I felt betrayal. I heard this song on the radio and somehow, something clicked. I humbled myself before God. I told him I couldn’t do it anymore, I was tired and I was lost. I felt a sense of peace on me that night. God was at work in my life. Now, even through the good times and bad times, I love having that intimate moment with God. I look forward to it even if life is rough and enjoy it when I think him for the good things. I think the verse that stands out to me from this song is: “I can be in a crowd, or by myself almost anywhere. When I feel there’s a need to talk with God, he is Emmanuel” I love those intimate moments with our Creator. This song is just amazing.

  95. Mike Mahoney says:

    For me, off that list, it’s Brenton Brown. I love his music, because it’s so honest and real. I was fortunate to spend some time with him at a recent conference, and found him to be just like his music. Plus you can tell when he’s leading worship that he loves doing it. I can’t wait for his new album… Joyful is an amazing song.

  96. Bethany Lawrence says:

    i love Amy Grant i have grown up listening to her songs being played and every christmas her christmas albums come out of the christmas box and they are played. A real family favorite whenever i hear her songs away from home i always think of home. xox

  97. Holly Overholser says:

    How can I only pick three???!!! I love soooo many of them but if I have to choose I would say Jaci Valasquez because I remember listening to her when I was younger and how much her music was inspiring to a young girl and made such a huge impression on me and now seeing how it makes an impression on my teenage daughter. Next I would say Amy Grant- I sang many of her songs when I was a teenager in church. I still love to sing them and I got to see her live for the first time this summer and she was awesome and down to earth as I expected!!! And lastly I would say Natalie Grant – though I follow several of these musicians on twitter she has to be one of my faces because shes so very open and honest about everything and she writes like she’s known us all forever and she makes me laugh and makes me cry at some of the things she says and it just makes her even more real.

  98. Anthony Evans – The guy has pipes! If I could pick a voice to just have for myself, it would be a mixture of this guy and Marc Broussard. His music is simple and reaches all types of people, and when he does hymns… Game over. Jesus wins.

    Shane and Shane – Lyrics that touch the heart accompanied with sick guitar schemes… These guys are the type of band you can listen to at any time of the day, and any type of mood you are in. Genuine stuff.

    Phil Wickham – His lyrics by themselves are anointed and powerful. He is one of those artists that can walk on a stage with just his guitar and sing and people and move thousands. He doesn’t need the “whole band” experience. His song “Heaven” brings me to tears almost every time I listen to it because it paints such a beautiful picture as to why we live this life, and what God has in store for us.

  99. Mark Dahl says:

    The Afters – loved them ever since I first heard Beautiful Love and purchased the CD
    Salvador – loved them ever since seeing them at a concert – their heart and love for God and others was so evident
    Todd Agnew – love his blog and his insights on the WORD.

  100. Tyla says:

    My favorite 3 pictured artists are 33 Miles, Jaci Velasquez, and Natalie Grant.

    I met 33 Miles recently at show, and they were so grateful and humble about their music and the people that buy their music. They don’t seek attention, they just want people to hear the Word of God, and it was so great to see that. They were so kind and willing to talk to the fans at the show and take pictures. Just normal people doing an extraordinary work of the Lord.

    When I was 9 years old, my friend and I used to dance to Jaci Velasquez’s song “Every Time I Fall”, and even though we didn’t really listen to what it meant, it was great to be able to have fun while praising the Lord at the same time. It’s such an awesome song because it speaks about how every time we think we’ve hit rock bottom, the Lord is there to pick us up, no matter what. Even today, it still helps me get through tough times, and I’m so glad I heard it, and SO glad Jaci recorded it!

    Lastly, is the lovely Natalie Grant. Because she is a partner with Women of Faith, I saw her perform and give her testimony at the Revolve Tour, a conference for teen girls, and it really inspired me. She’s such an amazing role model for teen girls, and I know some of the girls that wen to the conference were so blessed by her, and were able to walk away from things that were hindering them from being true women of God. What a blessing Natalie was to girls that she doesn’t even know — me included.

  101. Evan says:

    MercyMe – Seen them live at Night of Joy and am gonna see them in November. They’re awesome.

    The Afters – Love their new CD.

    Addison Road – They write awesome music.

  102. Kimberly says:

    The Afters- loved them since I heard their song Light up the sky on the radio. It reminds me that Jesus is always with me.
    Amy Grant -because she is so real. I can relate to her songs.
    Building 429- writes awesome music.

  103. Annie Thaichareon says:

    Natalie Grant – I follow her on Twitter and love how real she is. She offers great advice, encouragement, and motivation to moms and has fun in the process of being a godly woman. She is a great example of what a real Christian mom/wife/artist looks like. She’s got a great heart for others and beauty from the inside out.

    The Afters – Love their song “Light Up The Sky” – reminds me of God’s glory. Also love their story behind the song and video blogs on youtube.

    MercyMe – one of the first Christian bands/artists I fell in love with. First concert my husband and I attended together back at UC Irvine, which set us on the track of many more Christian concerts as a couple/family in the years to come. If it hadn’t been for mercyme, I probably would have missed a whole world of Christian music and ministry which has helped to shape my life today.

  104. Andrew Smith says:

    Natalie Grant – I got to meet her at a CD release party and she was very kind. I love how she has the vocals for the Lord. She can hold out a note that’s for sure and she is a great leader of worship. My favorite song would be “Something Beautiful”. That song tells me that I have a life worth living! I also love “Love Revolution”. I put a lot of walls around my heart and I had to tear down the walls. The song called, “Love Revolution” says, “We are called to freedom, we are free to love”. I felt like God was calling me to love people harder and not to build walls around my heart. It was time to let the walls fall. The world needs to see the light and the love of Christ that we all have inside us.

    33 Miles – I love their Country sounding voices! My favorite song would be “One Life To Love”. I love the examples this song shows. We really only get one life and we better make it count! We can’t go back and we can’t undo our regrets, but we can change our future. The song “Little Bit Of Love” reminds me to love always and as the song says, “A little bit of hope can change the day”. We all need love and hope! This song gives me the encouragement that I can choose to make a different in this world. God can use anyone to impact the world.

    Addison Road – I started listening to Addison Road after I heard “Fight Another Day” that song summed up my present moment in life. I connected to the line that says, “You can spend a lifetime running”. I got rejected and hurt by someone close to me and I put up a wall and hatred around that person. I got knocked down after some tough situations and I had to decide to “Fight Another Day” and keep living my life. Their comments don’t make them true. I will never give up! And either should anyone else. We all have a God who loves us! Another song, I love is called “Change In The Making”. I am a change in the making!

  105. Sara says:

    The 3 that are my most favorite would be 33 miles – I have there last cd and all of the songs have really touched me!
    Shane and Shane because they write such good worship music and
    The Afters with there new song light up the sky which just fits with what I am going through right now!

  106. Hannah says:

    Shane and Shane has the best Christmas album. I love their version of O Holy Night, and I constantly listen to their cd as soon as thanksgiving is over. I love their simple music and they sing wonderfully about who Jesus is. I have never had a chance to hear them in concert, but I love following them on Twitter and reading their updates on their website.

  107. Luke Allen says:

    My all-time favorite band is Shane and Shane, their music seemed to be full of the spirit of God, and I believe this is because the majority of their lyrics are straight from scripture. My second favorite would be MercyMe, because the first song I ever played in front of an audience was their song “I Can Only Imagine”, and it was at my home church. Since then I have played at several different places in worship services and such. My third favorite would have to be Jeff Johnson. I met him at a church revival before a worship service and he was a really nice guy, and seemed genuine and down to earth, which I sincerely respect in a musician.

  108. brooke says:

    Without a doubt…
    Shane and Shane- amazing live shows, humble hearts and lyrics that draw me closer to the love of God

    Phil Wickham- love the fact htat the love of God is evident in his lyrics!

    Addison Road- Love their music and their hearts for the lord

  109. Nettie Hicks says:

    33 miles, MercyMe, Natalie Grant. I saw 33 miles, & MercyMe in concert a couple years ago and really enjoyed their music. Can’t really pick a fave song of theirs like them all. Natalie Grant saw her in concert and really liked her singing, if i had to pick a fave song of natalie’s it would be “Held”. and our sign team at church has done one of her songs.

  110. Jack Graham says:

    MercyMe: I’ve sung some of their music for church. Natalie Grant because she has a sweet voice but can still rock it out (I Will Not Be Moved), and Building 429 as I love their sound and message.

  111. Meghan says:

    The Afters-I’ve seen them live 3 times now, just last night I saw them and they are really great guys who autographed my cd, and let us take pictures with them. My favorite song is All That I Am, followed by Healing Begins.

    Addison Road-I’ve seen them once, and they were totally amazing, got my hat signed by them. Their song Change In The Making is a song that anyone can hope to relate to.

    MercyMe-I’ve never seen them live, but my favorite song is So Long Self, because it is about giving up your own self for something better than you.

  112. Shadiel says:

    Phil Whickam – He has the most amazing voice and he contiues to inspire me as a worship leader and to go on and not give up on doing the work for the Lord. His music has changed my life and helped me in getting back the burning desire to serve our God.

    Building 429 – These guys are the best and their music gives life to woever feels down and lonely. Truly inspirational just like the song “No One Else Knows.”

    The After – When i first heard their music i felt the presence of God and it is truly amazing. It just gives me a smile on my face and tells me that God is beautiful!

  113. Katie says:

    Natalie Grant is truly AMAZING. I was listening to my iPod one day and one of her songs popped up which i haven’t listened to in FOREVER and while i was listening to it i realized that i have forgotten how uplifting her songs really are! i then proceeded to listen to all of her songs that i had over and over again. saw her at the Revolve Tour a few years back and can’t wait to hear her in concert again. God is doing BIG things through her! (as well as all the other artists up there too) :)

  114. DeeDee :) says:

    Natalie Grant – I love her voice. She’s insanely good, and I love singing her songs. :)

    The Afters – Because they’re cool, have good music, are awesome live, and they’re pretty much Texan, so…

    MercyMe – Love their songs…they make their shows a real worship experience…and they’re just super talented and amazing to their fans.

  115. Building 429 is my all time favorite band! I met them at X-Fuge church camp in Panama City Beach, FL in 2005. They stayed after their concert and met every person that was in line!! They were very nice guys and when I got to them, I told them that one of their songs really reminded me of my friend who was going through a lot at the time. Jason, the lead singer, wrote her name on his hand and told me he’d be praying for her. After seeing them many more times, including driving to GA, my husband proposed to me on stage at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom at Night of Joy in 2006. They were awesome and had been communicating via e-mail for months to get it worked out. They also let us do a congratulations video to play at our wedding. They are the greatest guys around and genuinely care for their fans and are full of God’s Word.

    Addison Road is incredible as well. We also met them a t Panama City Beach at a different Fuge church camp in 2004. They were the worship band for the week. I personally loved them from the start. Most of my youth group didn’t agree with me and made fun of me singing their songs… But I kept track of them on-line and anticipating their mainstream Christian Contemporary Music debut. We saw them a few more times at Planet Wisdom events in Lakeland. I was anticipating them someday going on tour with Building 429, and a few weeks later I got the e-mail. My husband and I made plans to go to 2 of the 3 shows in FL. The day I was going to purchase the tickets on-line, I got an e-mail telling me that I’d won a VIP backstage pass to meet all 3 bands before the show. I was ecstatic to say the least!! One of my favorite pictures of all time is me between Jason and Jenny!! AR has gone through so many trials, but keeps on going. I know they have a message from God that everyone needs to hear and I thank God that he continues to give them the hearts to push through no matter what the devil throws in their paths :) Oh and Jenny’s blog is incredible. She has such an awesome take on life!!

    Lastly, Todd Agnew. His voice is something unordinary and captivating. There is so much sincerity that you can hear it. I did my first dance with my old church dance ministry to his song “This fragile breathe” and it was a beautiful spiritual experience. I have yet to see him live, but I can’t wait until I do.

  116. By the way, my youth group LOVES Addison Road now and we play their songs all of the time for worship! :)

  117. Lisa says:

    Addison Road–love their music , Jenny’s blog the best, & great people.

    Jaci V.–“Imagine Me W/Out You” was sung at my wedding

    Mercy Me–love their music

  118. Chris Hunnicutt says:

    As a father to twin teenage girls I am selective to the music they listen to. First it must be Chirst honoring and second it must be quality music. Addison Road; 33 Miles and Mercy Me fill these requirements. Not only these 3 but all of the artist you have listed are solid musically and spiritually. I have had the privilege of meeting Addison Road and they left an impression on me that gives me hope for the future generation.

  119. Kae says:

    Addison Road ~ They are a fantastic band that I listen to daily. Jenny is a beautiful person, inside and out! And she has a fabulous blog! Five fave songs: “Hope Now”, “What Do I Know of Holy”, ‘This Could Be Our Day”, “Collide”, and “My Story.”
    Natalie Grant ~ “Held” has been one of my favorite songs for a long time. I also love her Christmas album, Believe.
    MercyMe ~ Who doesn’t love “I Can Only Imagine.” And they did not lose their hope when they were faced with tragedy.

  120. Megan says:

    Addison Road – They’ve been through so much these past few years yet they still keep at it. I admire that. (: Plus, I’m a fan of Jenny’s blog.

    Mercy Me – I’ve watched their livestream when available and it’s been amazing. Every time I see them perform, I’m impressed.

    Amy Grant – I grew up listening to her music.

  121. RK says:

    Shane & Shane – met Shane B in college when he played at a local church in Austin, TX…then recently they played at our hometown church’s women’s conference, during which my wife and I found out we were expecting our 2nd child…God is good, and has really blessed and anointed these guys with such incredible gifts to touch so many people’s lives. I’ve always loved their songs, and now they will always mean a lot more to our family.

    Mercy Me, Bldg 429, BB, FFH are all favorites…this is such a huge blessing to anyone who gets to share a part of this!

  122. Katie says:

    My Top Three Faves::

    Addison Road:: Their music speaks truth to my life every time I listen! I can worship the Lord with their lyrics every day! They produce relevant music with heart warming songs! [and Jenny’s blog is a great read!]

    Natalie Grant:: I consider “Held” one of my life songs. The night before I left on an overseas mission trip as a teenager, this song came on the radio, and I recall an overwhelming since of peace come over me. I put everything about the trip in His hands and prayed I could share this feeling of peace with the people I came in contact with while overseas!

    FFH:: Although I haven’t listened to their music recently, they were one of my all times favorites through middle school and into high school. I have four of their CDs, and they used to occupy four out of the five slots in my five-disc CD player. =) ARE YOU IN THE BIG FISH?! Oh…one of my FAVES!

    Thanks for the contest and supporting such amazing, Christian music!!!


  123. Erica says:

    My favorites:
    -Addison Road, first and foremost. :) I first heard of them when I saw them in concert with Sanctus Real last spring and I have fallen in love with their music. And I love Jenny’s blog. :)
    -Natalie Grant: Her song “Held” has really resonated with me after I first heard it when a friend did a dance to it a few years ago. Beautiful!
    -MercyMe: Some friends choreographed a dance to “I Can Only Imagine” and we danced it at my Grandpa’s funeral. I also really appreciate the Rock and Worship Roadshow that they help to put on…it was an incredible night. :)

  124. Suzanne says:

    How do I choose? You have some AMAZING talent here. Each artist represented has been blessed by God to be a blessing! My life is changed every time I hear just one song. I can’t imagine having the opportunity to hear 20 different albums! Amazing!!

    However, the ones that are on top of my list at this moment are:
    1. Addison Road
    2. Natalie Grant
    3. 33Miles

  125. Rebecca Maurino says:

    thank you so much for this contest! I live in France so I don’t know if it works but I’ll try anyway!:)

    Well , my favorites artists out of your selecton would be:

    – Addison Road because their songs inspire me every time, Jenny Simmons’ blog is my favorite blog ever! So funny , real and inspiring! Last reason , Jenny answered to my e-mails with such love and kindness!

    – Then comes Natalie Grant: Her lyrics always encourage me and I love how she tries to impact the World and change it , with the Home foundation for example!Her book aslo changed the way I see myself!

    – the Last band would be Building 429 because they have great lyrics and because they went to Haiti to help these people in need!

    I thank God for these artists that want to make a Change in this Dark world!


  126. Shelby Wiley says:

    My 1st and absolute favorite band is Addison Road!!! Their music is so inspiring and I can just turn it on and be so happy! “Fight another day” And “hope now” have to be their best, when u am having a hard or bad day, I can listen to it, and feel happy, to have hope in God and to fight another day. Also, Jenny’s blog is AMAZING!! she is soo hilarious and I just love reading them, it’s like I personally know her and we are friends!
    My 2nd would be Chris Tomlin, he has never had a song that is not touching. His music is also so touching and I feel closer to God when listening to it!
    And then Francesca Battistelli!!!!! I love love her music!! I can listen to for hours every day!!

  127. Dan A says:

    Addison Road, Amy Grant, and Mercy Me all sing about God and the Christian life.

  128. Barb M. says:

    Hard, hard decision!! I love them ALL!! I have KLOVE, SOS, and AIR1 on all the time, and love all the music, new and old!! So…let me try my best and have my daughters, 10 and 6, help me decide too…..

    1. Britt Nicole–my daughters’ favorite solo artist; they got a hug from her in lieu of an autograph, but liked it better!!

    2. Addison Road–they loved meeting Jenny and Annie and wished they could have hung out longer!!

    3. Becka Shae–yeah, her new song is hot and we like to dance to it!!

    Hey, what about MY favorites, girls??!!! LOL 😉

  129. I love Addison Road, Amy Grant and Natalie….many of the others, too. Songs from the heart to help get closer to the Lord…..

  130. Karlie McQueen says:

    Addison Road- Saw them on the light meets the dark tour and heard the song Change in the making and I love that song cause it just hit me that we are all a change in the making.

    Natalie Grant- I love the song Human. Cause we are all human and make mistakes.

    Shane and Shane- Yearn because we should all want to yearn for more of him. I just love this song with all my heart. It is one of my prayer songs.

  131. Shelly says:

    My favorite 3 artists are: Amy Grant, Mercy Me and Todd Agnew. Amy Grant because I grew up listening to her and she was my first favorite contemporary Christian artist. Mercy Me because there music is worshipful and meaningful. PLus their grab bag videos on Youtube are AWESOME! And Todd Agnew because his voice is powerful and bring me into worship quickly! You can just tell that he loves Jesus! :-)

  132. Kinsey Whittet says:

    My 3 favorite are
    1.) addison road!
    2.) natalie grant!
    3.) Mercyme!

  133. Tammie says:

    Three favorites and a reason why for each:

    1. Brenton Brown – “Everlasting God” sustained me after the death of my mom.

    2. Addison Road – “What Do I Know of Holy” brings me to tears almost every time.

    3. Mercy Me – Bart’s tweets.

  134. Mercyme – my mom bought their “spoken for” cd and I fell in love with “crazy” and “word of God speak” One of my first Christian CDs.

    Natalie Grant – I love “Held” – love to sing along with the beautiful lyrics.

    Phil Wickham – a friend of mine introduced me to his music. I got the free singalong download and “Cannons (Live)” undoes me. I’ve moved my lips to the song on my mp3 player and felt chills.

  135. Lauren Marks says:

    The top three would have to be Addison Road, Mercy Me and Phil Wickham.

    Addsion Road’s, Jenny Simmons is one of my favorite musicians of all time, she’s just good to the core, raw in the way she writes and understands her faith and makes you feel like old friends every time you meet her in person. There is genuine-ness to her that I crave in friendships. We all should have a Jenny Simmons in our lives.

    Mercy Me understands that faith is a journey and all of there albums’ lyrics reflect that. I have never been more passionately moved by words as I have by theirs in the many forms they have taken over the years. From cds about joy, to cd’s about hope and holding on. God has blessed them in insight and wisdom.

    Phil Wickham is one of my favorite new artists on the scene. He’s not BRAND new anymore, but he just hasny been around as long as some of the old favorites like Marcy me. He has a beautiful way of writing love songs for Jesus. He has the heart of a romantic, who has chosen to pour his heart out in love about our savior. Beautiful is all I can say.

    Thanks Skorinc for getting their music out there! And for providing us with Blogs to read that inspire us, you guys are great!

  136. My all-time FAVORITE is Addison Road. I love their music, their sound, their lyrics, and their hearts. The whole band seems so honest, real, and open to whatever the Lord has for them. And I ADORE Jenny’s blog!

    Then I would say Amy Grant. I grew up listening to her music, The first cassette tape I owned was one of hers! After reading her book “Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far” I was encouraged to pursue my own musical dreams and use my talent for more than just a space-filler in my journal.

    Next, I have to go with Natalie Grant. When she came out with her CD Awaken came out my family was going through some deep struggles. I firmly believe the truths in those songs carried me through that time.

  137. My Favorite Three-

    MercyMe – I love their new song Beautiful, I just spent 10 days working with Orphans in Latvia and that song really makes me desire to show Gods love to those who
    society has thrown away.

    Building 429 – I listen to these guys all most every night. I think so many of their songs are right on.

    Erik Bledsoe – He came and lead worship at our church this summer and the people are still talking about it. You could tell he had a heart to minister to people and
    bring them into worship with their Creator, I cant wait for his next album! My wife listens to his first album all the time.

  138. Steve Caruso says:

    Only pick 3, that is not going to be easy.


    I would have to start with Addison Road. I have been following them for awhile and have been deeply moved by all of their albums. This Little Light of Mine really hit home and helped me to see things in a better light in how I was being a light in this world. They are the only artist I can listen to all of the music on a cd without skipping songs.

    I am very excited about the new FFH cd. I have been a fan for a long time and was excited to see Wide Open Spaces. Wide Open Spaces is an awesome song and it is great to have a new cd from them to listen to.

    I definitely would also add MercyMe to the list. Their music is truly amazing and inspiring. And each new album continues to highlight their exceptional musical abilities and passion for Christ.

  139. Micheline says:

    Genuine, authentic disciples of Christ, who happen to make sweet music – Shane & Shane.
    Passionate, energetic lover of Jesus that puts His name to a beautiful melody – Phil Wickham
    Sincere & humble songs of worship from a heart of adoration – Brenton Brown

    Is there really any more to say? Actually, one thing. Thank you guys, for being such wonderful: worship leaders, encouragers and an example to those who listen and engage.

  140. J says:

    Addison Road! Love their cds and Jenny’s blog. THey’re so real and passionate. I hope to see them in concert sometime!
    THe Afters- Light up the sky is one of my favorites right now!
    Natalie Grant- She is so real and down to earth. Her music is amazing!

  141. Heather René A says:

    1. MercyMe: A band me & my parents can agree on in the car!
    2. Shane & Shane: They got me through my sophomore year of college.
    3. Erik Bledsoe!!! He’s like a big brother to me, even let me stay it house my last few months living in Nashville so I could sell my condo :)

  142. Lydia says:

    My 3 favorites and why:

    Addison Road – I love reading Jennie’s blog! I appreciate the band as artists and as brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Jaci Velasquez – I have listened to her music since childhood. It is special to me.
    Shane & Shane – I saw them in concert at a Passion Conference. Their music moves me to worship.

  143. Kenzie B. says:

    1. Addison Road — their song “Hope Now” has been such an inspiration to me since the very first time I heard it, and “Fight Another Day” is an awesome song, too. Those are the songs that I crank up the volume for! Love them! And Jenny’s blog is great, I love reading it. Addison Road is awesome! :)
    2. Phil Wickham — “Safe” is one of my faves, every time I hear it, it reminds me that I am safe in God’s arms and I just have to trust Him to take care of me. He’s got some other amazing songs as well.
    3. Building 429 — I saw them live in concert last year, and they are amazing. I love their songs “Glory Defined”, “You Carried Me”, “Always”, etc. :) Great songs.

    Most of all, I love the fact that all these artists are serving God with their music, and give Him all the praise. It’s so hard to choose favorites, because they all are amazing! Natalie Grant, MercyMe, The Afters, FFH, etc…..I pray that they all just keep serving the Lord with great music!!

  144. Sherry Harmon says:

    Only 3???! That’s hard!
    1) Addison Road- My husband bought me tickets to their recent concert in Marshall, TX for my birthday. It was awesome! We got to talk with Jenny Simmons after the concert and it is a memory my family will carry with us the rest of our lives. She has a genuine transparency about her that draws people in. This God given gift shines in her blog! She should get the award for having the most best friends in the world! “What do I know of Holy” is a song that brings tears to my eyes every time.
    2) Natalie Grant- Her music is an encouragement to keep going through day to day life knowing that we have a plan and purpose for our lives that is greater than ourselves. “Our Hope Endures” is amazing! And “Live for Today” is another one of my favorites.
    3) Jeff Johnson- I was driving my son to school one day when “Stand in Awe” came on the radio. My 11 year old son literally asked if we could pull off the road so he could finish hearing the song before he had to get out of the car for school. Thankfully, we had enough time so I could. Growing up in church I have heard this song hundreds (if not more) times. This version was so anointed it stopped us (literally) in our tracks

  145. Addison Road – Jenny’s blog is inspiring, funny and keeps life in perspective!
    The Afters – their songs always fit the situation, and I love sharing them with my friends
    Amy Grant – The first Christian artist I listened to will always have a place in my heart. So many songs sung in church, so many moments.

  146. roconnell says:

    addison road-seen em in concert, funny videos and great music!

    the afters-seen em live, AWESOME music, love their songs myspace and light up the sky

    building 429- also seem em in concert and i think, once again, that their music is sweeet!

  147. Leo says:

    Shane & Shane – Their songs reflect what my heart wants to say. Listen to them always. Met them twice!
    Phil Whickam – Songs were an encouragement during my missions trip in Colombia. Reminder of the gospel.
    Katinas – Heard them when I visited a church in San Diego, CA

  148. Jason Nguyen says:

    FFH – I’d like to listen to more of their songs
    Addison Road & Natalie Grant – enjoy their inspirational songs & blogs

  149. Nicole says:

    Shane & Shane — Their music puts me in the heart of worship. truly.
    MercyMe — My husband was brand new to ministry. We took our little youth group to a Youth Retreat that MercyMe happened to be the Worship band for. Back when they only had one album out! The entire experience of that youth retreat stuck with me and I have followed MercyMe ever since.
    Addison Road — one of the only blogs I read. :)

  150. Kendrick Harmon says:

    Addison Road, Addison Road, and Addison Road. Oh, what? I can’t do that? Ok, fine. But I’ll start with Addison Road. I love Stories, but their self titled album is my favorite. Anyone who has never listened to “Run” should. “Run towards the LIGHT straight ahead where the lost souls make a beautiful sound and new life is finally found.” I can picture this song as an altar call. “What Do I Know of Holy” is my next favorite: “the slightest hint of YOU brought me down to my knees.” Tell me about it! How often we let our relationship with God become casual. For me this song captures that moment of awe that overwhelms when I really stop to realize who HE is. And the music is only half of the ministry. Jenny Simmon’s blog has been a source of comfort, challenge, and some of the best sermons I have ever heard on the Grace and Love of God. In what has been one of the most challenging years of my Christian life, the ministry of this band has been a blessing direct from my FATHER. I cannot say enough great things about them.
    Of the twenty artists pictured here, Natalie Grant would come next. Her songs, “Held” and “Our Hope Endures” vividly convey the truth that as Christians we are not promised lives free of pain; rather, we are promised that the GOD who created life itself will be with us always, holding us and working all things to the good of those who love HIM. Sometimes, in the moment of pain, that “good” is a little hard to see. But my faith is in the LOVE of the GOD who defines “good.”
    Ok, now moving from some heavy thoughts to the lighter side of things, I love Mercy Me. Of course their song, “I Can Only Imagine” is one of the most well known Christian songs of the past decade. I have to admit, I really love “3:42 am (Writer’s Block)” “Word of God Speak” is another one. But beyond their music, their antics on Twitter—the back and forth banter with Casting Crowns especially—and the Cover Tunes Grab Bag. If you need a smile—check it out.

  151. Sarah says:

    My three faves are-

    1. Addison road
    2. Phil Wickham
    3. Shane& Shane :)

  152. Hannah says:

    My 3 favorites are Addison Road, Natalie Grant, and MercyMe.

    Addison Road came to my city earlier this year and it was really amazing!! My friends and I were the last fans in line and we talked with Jenny for quite a while. She’s so sweet and really showed how she enjoyed being with us =) The concert was actually a few days after the earthquake in Haiti, and Jenny told some touching stories and even gave the audience an opportunity to donate to Haiti. We got autographs from the whole band. It was a great night of praise and worship.

    Natalie Grant has very encouraging songs. I love hearing “Held,” “Perfect People,” and “I Will Not be Moved” on the radio!

    I’ve seen MercyMe three times in concert. They are truly talented and it’s amazing how they use their talent to glorify our Lord :)

  153. Jessica says:

    my 3 favs-
    addison road for their scriptural, fun, and real music not to mention their appreciation of their fans (talk to them after a show they’re great!) and jenny’s insightful, honest and more often than not hilarious blog! plus ryan g’s daughter happens to share my birthday 😉

    33 miles for releasing singles that have powerful lyrics and a catchy enough pop sound so as to trick me into somehow not only buying a rather country music album but then actually loving it and making it one of my favorites to listen to! which is saying something for this pretty much anti-country music girl!

    can i do a four way tie for my last choice? cuz it’d be the afters, natalie grant, phil wickham and mercy me! i’m so excited for the afters new cd and am sad i can’t buy it for myself cuz it’s too close to christmas but i’m loving hearing “light up the sky” on the radio until then! and what a gorgeous voice natalie grant has and even more gorgeous lyrics that reach right down into your heart! and phil wickham has such an enjoyable sound and message i don’t know if i could ever tire of his songs! and there’s just so much of God’s truth in mercy me’s music that i often find myself referring new or struggling believers to check them out as encouragement through music!

  154. Hannah says:


    Mercy Me has always been one of my fave go-to bands for encouragement. A few years ago, I listened to their song Hold Fast almost daily. It gave me a sense of worthiness when I thought I was useless. Additionally, I’ve discovered Phil Wickham and Addison Road through radio. Safe and Hope Now, were the two songs I first heard by those artists. I pray for anyone who is in a ministry so immersed in the public, especially music ministry. I’m sure there are many sacrifices that go with the job. God is worth it, though! He reached me through music.

  155. Pokinatcha says:

    My favorite 3 respectively are:

    MercyMe- There’s not a song of theirs that I don’t love. I love their blog! They are hilarious & make me laugh all the time. I liked their music before, but not until watching their fall concerts live online did I fall in love with their ministry. I could feel their heart for God when Bart shared & it was powerful.

    The Katinas- Love these guys! I didn’t know of them before you streamed one of their concerts & James talked to us afterwards. My friend was the big K5 fan & now I am! I love their blog especially their devotion section. I only see them write positive encouraging things. They should tweet & blog more! They’ve really challenged me in the way I write things & to think more positively towards my kids. There’s a season when I got sucked into all the negativity of life. I think the reason I really connect with them is because they really honor their parents and I love that. They have a huge family like I do (well theirs is way bigger) & they are very family oriented & grew up on an island.

    Brenton Brown- Singer, songwriter, worship leader extraordinaire & surfer! How could I not connect with him? I know his work mostly because we sing them at our church & I type the lyrics in for Easy Worship so I was familiar with his name. Not until twitter & reading his blog did I become familiar with him as an artist. A couple of my favorite songs of his are Holy, Everlasting God & Hosanna. Love singing them.

    I’ve met all 3 artists at their shows & I have great memories from it. Very nice people & I’m proud to be a fan of their work!

  156. Grace says:

    Addison Road: they’re music is amazing and I met Jenny the other day and she was so personal and nice.
    Todd Agnew: his music is just so deep. I love all his music.
    Phil Wickham: he has such great worship music!

  157. Emily says:

    Addison Road – I loved Addison Road from the first time I heard them, bought the first album, went to a concert or two. Then, my friend introduced me to Jenny’s blog and I fell in love again. She is an amazing writer and a very real person, and I love that she lets us in a little (sometimes a lot). Love the music. Love the people.
    Shane&Shane – Similar story to A.R. I love these guys for their HARMONY. They are incredible. I have all(?) of their albums and go to every concert I can. Love. their. harmony.
    Natalie Grant – This woman is an incredible woman of God. I have been to 2-3 concerts, and I think that she has got to be one of my favorites in concert. But she also has several of my favorite songs (old and new). She is passionate and has a powerful voice that I love :)
    All have had music that has touched my life greatly. They are probably my 3 favorites … not just out of the ones above.

  158. Erik Bledsoe – We grew up in the same church (HBC Kentwood, MI) and it was always a blessing to see his ministry!
    The Afters (specifically their cover song Light Up the Sky) – I live near the Air Force base in Colorado Springs and on the 4th of July we were hoping the rain would go away so that we could enjoy the fireworks with our neighbors. Well, the rain went away and we were able to watch the Air Force fireworks and directly behind the Air Force the mountains in the front range (Pikes Peak) were blazing with flashes of lightening. It was great to see God’s awesomeness and to know that “Lord, You are with me”. My neighbors’ testimony is amazing and also proclaims that “Lord, You are with me”. Whenever I hear this song on the radio I can picture God lighting up the sky just for me :)
    FFH – Always have loved this group and I have always loved the thought that we are Far From Home. Last week I felt far from home and in the worst way missed my family and wanted some friendship bread that they were making. I thought I was being ridiculous wishing for something as small as bread and just tried to shrug off the feeling of homesickness. The next day at church my husband and I sat in the front of the sanctuary even though we hardly ever sit there and the woman in front of us turned to me with a bundle in her hand and said “would you like some friendship bread?” I have realized since that night that our smallest wants or needs are seen by God and even though we are Far From Home, He is still very much with us, giving us peace.

  159. Nicki Hudgens says:

    Shane and Shane, Erik Bledsoe, and Addison Road are my favorites! Im so excited to see them in your 20! I love that they are not merely performing or recording but you can hear them worshiping through their recordings. I can put on any of their music and be ushered right into the throne room of God! I love the attitude of worship!

  160. Allison says:

    33 Miles because they did an awesome job at Christmas at our church, giving my husband some time off!
    Salvador because I love the latin sound and there is not much of it in mainstream Christian right now.
    and Mercy Me because, hello! they’re Mercy Me!
    Also Todd Agnew, tied for third place!

  161. Amber says:

    Addison Road – For my birthday I went to a concert with them and then got to meet them afterwards. They really have hearts for Jesus! They were so friendly and funny. I enjoy listening to their music and then getting to know them made me even like them more!

    Natalie Grant – I have been a big fan of her music. The songs that she sings are so inspiring and relatable. Sometimes when I’ve been sad and feel lost I can turn on her songs and it will make me realize who I need, Jesus!

    The Afters – I love the style of music and the lyrics. For me lyrics are the key to a good song and theirs definitely do it for me! I always feel closer to Jesus after hearing their songs!

  162. Daniel Crowe says:

    MercyMe – Hard to write one sentence about them, but they have been my favorite since they were an independent band!
    Phil Wickham – When I first heard “Singalong” I was in shock….it was amazing! Now “Heaven and Earth” has been in my cd player for the past few months!
    Building 429 – Great worship!

  163. Shannon says:

    I never went to a concert :(
    Mercyme- They sang about HEAVEN a lot. I’m homesick because earth is not our home. HEAVEN is our home & we belong there. The songs comfort me. Their blog is funny.
    The Afters- I like their sound. Like the upbeat of the songs.
    Todd Agnew- My fav. song is Grace Like Rain.

  164. Collin says:

    MercyMe — One of the first Christian bands I got into. Their music is a staple in my life, and I can’t go a day without listening to them!
    The Afters — “Light Up The Sky” never fails to lift my spirits!
    FFH — “Undone” is an incredibly deep song. It reminds me a lot of where I’ve come from in my life, and how it amazes me that God still forgives me after all this time.

  165. Dan Gross says:

    Starting today leave a comment below telling us who’s your favorite three artists pictured above and why. Has a song meant something to you? Did you meet them at a show? Do you love their blog? Any reason you feel connected to those three artists. Then on November 15th we will randomly select a winner and send you all twenty CD’s in the mail. It’s a one month contest so make sure you tell your friends and check back. The more people that comment the more fun it will be.

    1.) MercyMe – One of the first Christian acts I “got into.” In fact, IIRC the first Contemporary Christian CD I bought. Online Bart is a great “exception” case for all the “Twitter rules” the “gurus” post (thou must follow-back, thou must respond directly to people, etc). He manages to do a great job engaging while thumbing his nose @ said “rules.”
    2.) Brenton Brown – I knew his songs before I started following him on Twitter but I don’t think I had heard a studio recording of him doing his own songs before that. Thru Twitter/Facebook/his blog I came to know a very wise, funny, talented and kind man. He’s one of those “getting to know him thru Twitter has made me as big a fan of the person as the artist” situations.
    3.) Todd Agnew – I’ll admit the 2rd was a hard pick because, while the above two are among my top 3 in their category (band and worship artist, repectively), many of the rest of the Skorinc family are artists I enjoy more or less equally. Todd would stand out to me because “My Jesus” was one of a couple of songs that showed me that I wasn’t alone in my thinking that “the church” can really fail when it comes to priorities sometimes, too often scorning/ignoring the people we should most be reaching.

    • Dan Gross says:

      Oh my word, one of these days I’ll actually think to re-read before I click submit. Leaving the paragraph in that I copied to ensure I answered everything? Lame.
      2rd instead of 3rd? Horrid. I hereby disqualify myself for lameness.

  166. MercyMe is definitely one of my favorite groups. Bart actually lives 20 minutes from my hometown & University, so I know several people who have interacted with him (although I’ve never met him in person). I follow almost all of the members on Twitter, and boy do they crack me up! It’s refreshing to see how positive and silly they can be, and even though they’re an enormously well-known Christian group, they’re all down to earth and very relatable. In addition, they’re song “Bring the Rain” has been something I’ve held close to me for the past few months… Because it’s been the pain of life that’s really drawn me even closer to Jesus.

    Jeff Johnson has incredible music. A cool background story is that Wes Martin (electric guitarist) is the son-in-law to my high school principal and friend. “Ruin Me” was a hard-hitter when I first heard it, because I knew that’s what needed to happen, but I’m such a planner and organizer that I don’t like giving up my plans to anyone else… even now I still hold onto things. But even while I’m listening to “Ruin Me”, I realize that’s exactly what needs to happen.

    Natalie Grant is my third favorite from this list, because man… her voice is phenomenal! I love that she has soft songs such as “Held” but also uses that same beautiful voice to sing “I Will Not Be Moved”. Both contain such powerful lyrics and have awesome videos… it’s hard not to have Natalie as a favorite!

  167. Addison Road, Shane and Shane, and Mercy Me.

    When Addison Road was up for a dove aware last year I emailed them to find out more about them personally. Ryan S. emailed me back in 10 minutes. Then I ran into him at the Rock&Worship Road Show in Onatrio, Ca a month later. He and the band were such real and neat people.

    Mercy Me, although I’ve only met them as an audience member at a concert, I loved the video of them shooting guns during a little down time while on the road.

    Shane- Just love the music. Haven’t gotten the chance to see in person.

  168. Dan says:

    This is such a great list of artists! All of them are making great music with the intention of praising God. However for me, my top 3 would be Daniel Renstrom, Phil Wickham and Shane and Shane.

    Daniel leads music for the college class I attend at Providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC and I have been blessed to play with him in the class. He wants us, the college class, to sing songs that are correct and Biblical as well as why there are Biblical. “Adore and Tremble” is a great song that illustrates this fact. He also goes way out of his way to welcome every student in the class and would have lunch with every single one of them once a week if it were possible. He is quite simply the man.

    Phil Wickham has always written songs that I find encouraging and God-centered, but also writes songs that move away from typical choruses and verses. “True Love” is such a good song and is one of my personal favorites. It is good sometimes to sing about the actually crucification and not just the redemption after it as many songs are prone to do.

    And then Shane and Shane I think are some of the most talented musicians in Christian music. As a musician, it is great to see that Christian music is not simply a huge group of semi-talented guitar players and singers that are sub-par compared to secular music. These guys are talented and rival any other singer/songwriter in the music industry.

  169. Stephanie says:

    Jaci Velasquez — Jaci Velasquez was one of my first CDs ever. And definitely the first CD that I liked. She seems really real and really honest, and was a great role model growing up.

    MercyMe– MercyMe wasn’t a favorite of mine until really recently. I started following the band (and Bart Millard) on twitter, and suddenly realized what genuine people they are (and how funny!) So I gave the music another chance; turns out, I love it all!

    Shane & Shane– Shane & Shane is such a great band. I love their worship songs and have sung them in church for years. The mix is great and I love listening to their sound.

  170. Dani says:

    MercyMe- They have been my favorite and my moms favorite for a long time, so much that my mom had I can Only Imagine sang at her wedding just because its her favorite song. And I finally saw them in concert last year and whenever their music plays it makes me think of my mom who is a bazillion (or so it feels like) miles away.

    Phil Wickham- I was introduced to him and his music in Denver where he was doing the worship service for a small church, since than I have loved his music and how the service was a worship service and not a performance. I loved that he made clear the difference and he was not there just to perform.

    The Afters- I LOVE the song Light up the Sky

  171. Josh Wax says:

    1. Addison Road. I have never met a band so committed to their fans and longing to follow God. I’m not saying they’re not out there, but I’ve never seen it so much in a band. First off, Jenny’s blog is phenomenal. She tells everything to everyone like you’re a part of the family, and then she’s actually excited when you chime in with your thoughts and feelings. I first went to a show of theirs in about March of last year and mentioned to her on her blog that I’d be there. I sat through the concert in anticipation of the moment to go up to the merchandise table to tell her hey and that I follow her blog. As soon as they stepped off the show, she actually walked around and tracked me down to talk, and then told me to stick around through the autograph signing so we could talk more. That’s the kind of person she is. And each of the other members of the band have proven to be great people as well. I realize sometimes it’s easy for artists to view fans as simply customers at their job who they’d rather not deal with, but you would never get that impression from Addison Road.

    2. Phil Wickham. The only thing I can think to compare a Phil Wickham song to is something that I could imagine a choir of angels singing in heaven. No lie. Such as “You’re Beautiful”. Every time I hear that song it grabs me. I went to a concert of his earlier this year and it was one of the greatest worship experiences I’ve ever had.

    3. MercyMe. I don’t know how MercyMe can’t be at the top of someone’s list of favorites. Their music is extremely moving. No matter who you are, there’s probably a song by them that would help you with something you’re going through. I sing a good bit at my church, and most of the songs I’ve done were by MercyMe. My church’s choir made a little cd a few years back and I did the solo for “I Can Only Imagine” which is probably the most popular Christian song ever. I’ve sang “Homesick” for a funeral for four high school boys a few years back, and among the other songs I’ve sang were “Won’t You Be My Love” “God With Us” “Bring the Rain” and even “Beautiful” off “The Worship Project” album. And I say that, because when I sing at church, I pick a song that means something to me. And they’ve all been received well because they’ve all meant something to everyone else.


    • Kayla Vance says:

      love what you wrote!
      I am like a huge fan of Addison Road too! I couldn’t agree more with what you said about them. I think they are awesome! Cool story about the show you went too. :)
      I am a fan of Phil and MercyMe as well – they seem like great guys!

  172. Emily says:

    Phil Wickham, Mercy Me, and Amy Grant.
    I first noticed Phil Wickham for his voice, but very quickly fell in love with his lyrics. My favorite song of his is “True Love.”
    Mercy My just has SO many meaningful songs. I love “Bring The Rain” and “I Can Only Imagine”… as well as many others.
    Amy Grant… I’m a fan from way back. I believe “Unguarded” was my first cassette tape of my very own, at about age ten.

  173. Sarah M says:

    My three favorites are:
    33miles because I love all there stuff that I’ve heard
    Addison Road because “What Do I Know Of Holy” is an amzing song and I like their other songs I’ve heard
    The Afters because I love “Light Up The Sky”

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