MercyMe Tour Page Sep 23rd, 2010


Okay, so remember when I said I was a little ‘geeked’ out about what we were working on for MercyMe’s Tour Page?  Well, it actually worked and our first working model is up and running.  Now, I know most of you are like, “yeah cool Brody, you’ve got some new buttons on there.  Big whoop”.  Here’s the deal, I’m willing to say it out loud right here on this blog, or more accurately type it out loud, that this tour page is an absolute game changer in the way that tour pages are done.  Here’s why:

1:  Visual Mapping: We’ve seen the maps before.  We’re certainly not the first to use this capability, but I still believe it’s rare enough to mention.  We are all visual people when it comes to the Internet.  No more scrolling though dates looking for my city.  I know where I live in America.  I look there and if there’s a pin, I’m going.  Not to mention it helps with directions to the venue.

2: Creating Local Community: See those little faces on there?  Those are your peers.  Those are the people in your town, going to the same show that you are going to.  You might not know them but they live near you, and they are interested in the same concert experience as you.  And you can see them and get to know them.  They have RSVP’d just like you and now you can see them directly on the tour page.  Game.  Changer.

3:  Gowalla: Location based stuff.  Yeah, it’s the ‘hot new thing’ right?  Well with Gowalla we have the capability of creating “Trips”… or the music industry likes to call those “Tours”.  Yes I know folks this is revolutionary stuff.  Well guess what?  You can now “check in” at the shows letting us know you’re there.  And when we know you’re there, we can give you things.  Have you ever “checked in” at Best Buy and gotten a free pair of Toms Shoes?  Me neither, but I know someone who has.  I don’t have details, but let’s just say, if I were you I’d be checking in at some MercyMe shows this tour.

So that’s it as far as the tour page goes, but I’ll tell you this.  MercyMe’s LOVEWELL LIVE Tour starts tomorrow, and we’ve got some massive stuff planned.  Along with checking in, we’ll have some cool things going on at the show which may or may not include something you’d need this for.  Just sayin.

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