So Why Orange? Sep 16th, 2010


I’ve been asked several times what’s with the color orange. Why did we decide to go with orange as the main color for SkörInc’s logo. At first I never thought people would really care about the reasoning, but I figure I’d explain it here.

It all started when I was around twelve with a pack of Original Flavor Lifesavers. I’d had them before but this time I noticed that for some reason Lifesavers had decided that red was the color that needed to be on top. I’d grown up watching orange take a back seat to red for years. I decided right then, that if I ever had a choice I’d go for the underdog and choose orange. Otter Pops? I’d chose orange. Any type of hard candy? Orange again. Red was no longer going to hold orange in that number two spot. So this is me giving back. We’ve given orange center stage here at SkörInc. And we hope it appreciates it.

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