Amy Grant

With six Grammys, numerous Dove Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and numerous other accolades to her credit, Amy Grant is an American music icon who has erased lines between genres and earned the respect of fans and peers with her honesty, vulnerability and ceaseless creativity.

Her latest effort, Somewhere Down the Road, is a collection that takes the listener on a musical journey that reverberates with messages of resiliency, promise and hope. The 12-track set includes four new songs, several previously unreleased gems from her musical vault and a newly recorded version of “Arms of Love.”


With Over 6 Million records sold and being crowned as an American Music & Dove Award winners, MercyMe has performed before more than 5 Million people, including selling out Radio City Music Hall.

In 2009 BILLBOARD named MercyMe's "Word Of God Speak" the #1 Song of The Decade and the group the #1 Christian Songs Artist of the Decade, with an additional #1 as the Christian AC Song Artist of The Decade.

Their latest studio album, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell,” entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at No. 3 and sold an impressive 87,888 units the first week.
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Family Force 5

After a lifetime of making music, FAMILY FORCE 5 have unmistakably come into their own. They’ve forged together their disparate musical influences, their reckless attitude, and heartfelt authenticity into III. Now, with hardships behind them and the open road ahead, the band is on a mission to keep their fire spreading and their family growing.

III takes FAMILY FORCE 5 back to their rock roots, and those early days when the Olds brothers would perform in a backyard shed at their parents’ Marietta, Georgia home. Music wasn’t a choice for these brothers; it was in their blood. “We were destined for music,” Solomon says. “We knew we had to do it.” Their father Jerome Olds was a well-regarded singer and their mother was a music teacher. While they were just adolescents, they founded a band, honing their musical chops on stages across the country, until the spirit of rock compelled them to pick up guitars in the 2000’s.


The best things in life are often hard to describe. But because it is mankind’s natural instinct to understand the world, there is an attempt to box things into categories. Even the most complex feelings and emotions are neatly organized with made-up labels that over simplify the most beautiful complexities of existence. Music is no different. Genre titles such as “Pop”, “Folk” and “Alternative” are meant to give a listener an idea of what to expect and how to group music together. But, for the musical collective, Gungor it is not that simple.

It’s not so much an attempt to directly defy the rules of modern music making as much as it’s simply the honest musical response of the Denver based group that sees the world as a beautifully complicated place. Multiple Grammy ® nominations, magazine covers and even a few “Album of the Year” declarations for 2010’s Beautiful Things, proves that listeners are longing for excellent and authentic music, whether it fits the norm or not.

Sandi Patty

She’s won 39 Dove Awards, five Grammy Awards, four Billboard Music Awards and became a Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee in 2004. Her albums have sold more than 11 million units, garnering her three platinum and five gold recordings. As the most-awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music history, her voice is still the gold standard by which all who follow are measured.

It’s a new season for Sandi Patty — a season of gratitude and grace that finds her finally being more accepting of herself. And as someone who’s been on the journey a little longer, Patty is happy to share what she’s learned and is sharing her testimony with Women of Faith audiences across the country, the largest women’s conference of any kind in the world.